Video from G.I. Joe: Retaliation Target Exclusive Blu-Ray

Anyone who has been paying attention (and even many folks who haven’t) are noticing that there are a ton of different variations of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-Ray or DVD release.  Between Best Buy, Walmart’s Steelbook, and all regular mass release items, it’s been tricky keeping it all straight.

The Buyer’s Guide that I wrote up has been helping (I hope), but still the Target exclusive Blu-Ray has been a bit foggy.  Well, Paramount has kindly provided video, which I have embedded below.

“Brothers Beyond Blood” focuses on the history of the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow conflict and how that has translated into the film universe.  Check it out!



9 thoughts on “Video from G.I. Joe: Retaliation Target Exclusive Blu-Ray

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  2. The Target exclusive came with a cardboard sleeve with the 3rd disc, and Marvin Hinton Roadblock GI Joe dog tags, other than that it was a standard Blu-Ray digital DVD combo. The features include, “True Face of Evil” Evolution of Cobra Commander, “The Sound of Silence” The tribute to Silent Interlude, “Brothers Beyond Blood” “The Sound of G.I. Joe and 2 interviews 1 with Dwayne Johnson, the other with DJ Cotrona and Adrianne Palacki. All together it is over 30 minutes.

  3. So is the bonus disc a Blu-ray or a DVD? I really hate when companies split up the releases like this. Confusion and bad feelings abound.

  4. Is there any sort of special features for the iTunes version? I’ll probably just buy that one since I’m trying to avoid buying DVDs these days. The collection I already have takes up a bit too much space (A couple of years back I went on several benders with the Walmart $5 bin. lol).

  5. I was in my local Target today & despite the multiple copies they had I didn’t see any with the exclusive bonus disc. The only exclusive mentioned was for $8 in coupons for future Paramount purchases. Did I somehow miss something?

  6. Dak, you probably did miss it. When I was in a Target on Wednesday I got the last Target exclusive package they had, everything else on the shelf were mass market versions of the movie. Appearently they did not ship a large amount of the exclusive version. If anyone does find it I would definitely recommend picking it up. I have only seen the featurettes on Cobra Commander and Silent Interlude so far, but they were great fun. Jon Chu, Derryl DePriest, Bonaventura, the writers, Aaron Archer, Larry Hama, and the G I Joe brand manager are all on one of both of the videos I saw talking about various historical aspects of G I Joe and how they related to the movie. Oh, the current President/CEO makes s couple of appearances as well.

  7. Yeah, it seems Target has screwed us by not ordering enough bonus discs. This whole release has been one cock-up after another. Paramount should be ashamed.

  8. I’ve been in a few targets and have seen tons of Retaliation Blu-Rays, but not one single copy with the third disc. Looks like Best Buy gets my cash this time.

  9. I went to another 2 Target locations today and inquired in both as to why I’m not finding what was stated in there ad. Funny how at both they had to actually look at the ad. The only answer I got is that they must have sold out on those pretty quickly. Amazing powers of perception. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an exclusive of this sort so short-packed.

    I already bought the rest of what I wanted, I just really wanted that damned bonus disc too.

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