G.I. Joe: Retaliation DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital – A Buyer’s Guide

Over the past several weeks many folks have been inquiring about what particular versions of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation home release they want. The film hits all formats and all platforms next Tuesday, July 30th, and I figured it was a good idea to outline exactly what versions are out there and what folks should be looking for.

This is a long list, encompassing DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D, Store Exclusives, and digital formats.  Click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below to check out all the details.

Big thanks to Twitziller for giving me this idea…hopefully it helps some folks out.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Mass Release – DVD

Where to Buy

Special Features

  • None

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Mass Release – Blu Ray

Where to Buy

Special Features

  • 60 Minutes of Behind the Scenes Features
  • Director Jon Chu and Producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura Commentary
  • Three Deleted Scenes
  • Digital Copies either from Vudu or Ultraviolet
  • Custom Dog Tags

Check out the GeneralsJoes Review for full details

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Extended Action Cut – Blu Ray (Best Buy Exclusive)

Where to Buy

Special Features

  • International reports are saying the same special features exist on the Extended Action Cut as with the mass retail Blu-Ray release
  • 13 Minutes of additional footage worked into the film
  • Digital Copy from CinemaNow (Digital Copy is the theatrical cut, NOT the Extended Cut)

Check out Ecran Large for the full details on the extended footage scenes

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Steelbook – Blu Ray (Apparently a Walmart Exclusive)

Where to Buy

Special Features

  • 60 Minutes of Behind the Scenes Features (same as Mass Release Blu-Ray)
  • Director Jon Chu and Producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura Commentary (same as Mass Release Blu-Ray)
  • Three Deleted Scenes (same as Mass Release Blu-Ray)
  • Exclusive artwork on the metallic DVD Case

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Target Exclusive w/ Bonus Disc – Blu Ray

Where to Buy

Special Features

  • 60 Minutes of Behind the Scenes Features (same as Mass Release Blu-Ray)
  • Director Jon Chu and Producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura Commentary (same as Mass Release Blu-Ray)
  • Three Deleted Scenes (same as Mass Release Blu-Ray)
  • Ultraviolet Digital Copy
  • Custom Dog Tags
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra film on Blu-Ray
  • Bonus disc with 30 minutes of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage (interviews with the cast, etc…)

Check out a clip of the bonus footage on ABullsEyeView.com.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation in Digital Format (Available NOW!)

Where to Buy

Special Features

  • iTunes has bonus content – I’m unaware of the specifics

Keep in mind these releases are all for the domestic United States. By all accounts, the Extended Action Cut is available internationally through Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.com.

For my money, I’m going after the Best Buy Exclusive Extended Action Cut to get as much film as I possibly can. Your mileage may vary. Price is something to take into consideration as always (not to mention your personal preference). I tried to be as exhaustive as possible with this list, if I’ve missed anything, just let me know.

Most important thing is if you want it, go out and buy it! Support the brand, support the film, and give Paramount and Hasbro some serious confidence for G.I. Joe 3. The sky could be the limit!

14 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital – A Buyer’s Guide

  1. Dang it! Now I need 3 copies… I’ve already got my Best Buy Extended cut on the way… I really want the steel book, and 30 min of extra features from Target…. Well I want all 3… we’ll see what really happens next week.

  2. This is so aggravating. They think they are increasing sales, but by splitting all the features across multiple releases they are only causing confusion.

    I preordered the 3D Blu-ray on Amazon the moment it went up. Then as it became clear just how big a mess they were making of this release, I cancelled it and waited to see how it shakes out.

    A few clarification questions:

    (1) I take it the Best Buy extended release is not available in 3D?
    (2) I also assume it does not have the theatrical cut on the Blu-ray?
    (3) Is the additional Target bonus disc a Blu-ray or a DVD?

    So now it appears if I want all the special features I have to buy the Target release, but if I want the extended cut I also have to buy the Best Buy release? And the Best Buy release doesn’t have the theatrical cut on it either? So really I have to buy two copies?

    Here’s an idea… release the extended cut on the same disc as the regular with branching and just give us the damn special features. Why make this so much more difficult? Net result? Most fo the enthusiasm I had for this has been totally killed, and I may just wait until they release one with everything they should have put on the first one.

    Just ridiculous. Screw ’em.

  3. The extended cut comes with the theatrical cut in digital format. And I believe all the standard special features. Target just has the extra 30 minutes of interviews and stuff…

  4. Oh wait the Best Buy appears to have the theatrical cut on disc as well. but no 3D…

  5. Ok, this clarifies a lot of things for me. The only question I have is does the Best Buy Extended cut also have commentary by Jon Chu and DiBonaventura? If not, does the digital copy from Cinemanow, that is included, have the commentary? It’s looking like I will have 2 buy the Best Buy and Target versions because I want that extra 30 minute disc that comes with the Target one and I really want 2 see the extended cut, as it seems much better, from what I’ve read, than the theatrical cut.

  6. Djdmac24 – Honestly I don’t know. From what I’m hearing from International buyers, they’ve purchased the Extended Action Cut, and it has many of the same features as the theatrical cut, but not all of them. Since it’s got two versions of the film already (Extended and Theatrical) I doubt it has a third version with the commentary. But that’s just a guess.

  7. @Justin, Yea, i don’t it also, bit am hoping I get lucky and the commentary is included. Oh well, I’m most likely gonna buy the Target version also, since it has that extra bonus disc, and that does include the commentary. Thanks for the reply.

  8. So I’m curious if the Extended cut is also on the DVD disc or if it’s only on the Blue Ray disc?

    I do wonder why they can’t have a theatrical and extended cut on one DVD when T2 did exactly that over 10 years ago

  9. Probably nothing but the bare bones theatrical cut is going to be available on regular DVD. Studios seem to be pushing towards BRD as the format to include all the bells and whistles on nowadays.

    If anyone is just wanting to get one, go with the extended cut. I believe there’s two options:
    1) BRD pack with two BRD discs: one with the extended cut and one with the theatrical version with the standard extras
    2) Combo pack with the two BRD discs as well as a DVD and digital version of the theatrical release

    The added scenes really help the film a lot since there’s so much dialogue and a couple of awkward scenes in the theatrical version that call back to scenes the viewer never even saw. Still could have used at least one of the other deleted scenes which gets referenced.

    Biggest change is Jinx’ introduction to the audience which almost seems wedged into the theatrical version but is set up much more organically in the extended cut and plays into what came off as a strange Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow interaction in the third act.

  10. Well that’s unfortunate as I’d like to see the extended cut and would buy it in a heartbeat tomorrow……..if I didn’t also have to buy a blu ray player

  11. Has anyone been able to confirm what special features are actually on the Best Buy Extended Edition? The BB website is useless for determining it.

  12. I’m in Canada. I picked up the extended Best Buy version. The Blu-ray disc has the extended cut, the 3 deleted scenes, and the features which are about an hours worth of material. THERE IS NO COMMENTARY. :(
    There is a theatrical cut included on DVD only and even the DVD doesn’t have a commentary. No bonus features on the DVD at all actually.
    I’m pretty disappointed and may have to pick up the standard blu-ray eventually as i want to listen to the commentary track.

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