The GIJCC gives you an opportunity to buy ComicCon Exclusive “The Epic Conclusion”!

For folks who weren’t able to get their hands on the 2013 ComicCon exclusive G.I. Joe and Transformers “The Epic Conclusion” there is another opportunity that has just been announced! The G.I. Joe Collectors Club and Transformers Collectors Club have been allocated a limited number of these exclusive sets!

Rather than do a “First Come First Served” chaotic sales event, the Club will be offering a “lottery” to Club members to win an opportunity to purchase these limited edition sets. All of the information is contained in the e-mail they sent out to club members. I have reprinted that email below:

There is some very exciting news!

We have been allocated a very limited number of the 2013 Comic Con GI Joe and Transformers “The Epic Conclusion” Vehicle/Figure sets from Hasbro. We are offering this set to our club members, both Transformer and GI Joe, but in order to be fair to everyone due to the limited number we received, we have decided to have a lottery drawing for the opportunity to purchase this set. If you want to be included in this lottery drawing, you must send an email to ONLY. Send only one email with “LOTTERY” as the subject.

Please do not contact our office or email any other email addresses regarding the lottery. Multiple emails will void your entry. These items are limited to 1 item per membership if you are selected in the lottery drawing. You must be a current active member to participate. The email that you send does not guarantee that you will get an item; this just includes you in the lottery drawing. The price on this item is $150+shipping. The cutoff for sending your email will be Friday, July 26, 2013 at 9am central time. We will not accept any emails after this time. Once the names have been drawn from the emails received, you will be contacted by email and given further instructions on how the order will be processed.

Again, please DO NOT contact our office for any reason regarding this lottery drawing! Thank you and good luck!

So good news for Club members! Send your email in now and get your chance to own this exclusive ComicCon item! You can check out the GeneralsJoes review of that item right here.

Some peeks into the behind the scenes featurettes from G.I. Joe: Retaliation

As we get closer to the retail release for G.I. Joe: Retaliation (less than a week to go!) more behind the scenes clips are emerging that showcase some of the extra features that are on the Blu-Ray. Keep in mind that these video clips are just excerpts from the special features and there are several more minutes of great stuff on the Blu-Ray itself.

You can see my review of the Blu-Ray right here.

Over on Crave Online, they look at some of the martial arts training that Ray Park and others had to go through in preparation for the movie.

Meanwhile, USA Today has posted a very cool look at the Ninja Mountain battle with some great behind the scenes commentary from director Jon Chu.

These are both some excellent features, giving a great perspective to the development of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and just a small part of the awesome Blu-Ray offering of the film. Check ’em out…I’ve also embedded them below.