RUMOR ALERT – Plans in place for G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary line?

Take this with a boulder-sized grain of salt, as this is unconfirmed information, but over on Fighting 118th, Duffman spoke with a Hasbro representative at San Diego ComicCon (who wasn’t Derryl DePriest, and that rep acknowledged some possible plans for 2014 over on the G.I. Joe side of the house.

From what F118th gathered:

  • 2014 will have a 50th Anniversary line
  • 2014 figures will sport a 50th Anniversary Logo on the packaging
  • Discussions have taken place to possibly have the figure line to be exclusively at Target
  • Kreo will continue to be a Toys R Us exclusive
  • G.I.Joe 3 plans have started and will be supported by a figure line

This is certainly more information than was revealed to several previous interviews throughout ComicCon weekend, and gives Joe fans a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel, if the news is accurate. Kudos to Fighting 118th for digging this information out, now the long wait for Toy Fair 2014 begins…

Keep in mind, too, though, that there are numerous “Hasbro reps” that are roaming around ComicCon, and they don’t all have intimate knowledge of all the brands, and their information may not be the most current…so again, your mileage may vary.

5 thoughts on “RUMOR ALERT – Plans in place for G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary line?

  1. A 50th anniversary would of course entail 12-inch figures… and if they’re anything like the 12-inch figures Hasbro has produced in recent years, it won’t do anything for the brand.

  2. Ugh. I don’t like seeing the word exclusive in there. The only way I can consistently get stuff these days is ordering cases online. Though if it’s 12″ I don’t care at all anyway.

  3. Yeah, while Target-exclusive isn’t a killer here in Canada like it was before… that’s not good for me. Looks like I’ll have more runs down to Buffalo in the near future….

  4. I was at SDCC and kept popping by the Hasbro booth all weekend hoping to talk to Darryl Depriest. I did speak to a Hasbro rep who worked in some capacity on the Marvel figures and I asked him about the 50th anniversary too. What he said was (and I’m paraphrasing) that “We’re well aware that the 50th anniversary is coming up – and we’re getting lots of emails about it too.” and “All he can say is that he knows Hasbro definitely has plans”. I was hoping to ask Darryl this but alas never got the chance. Anyway it seems pretty likely to me that we’re gonna get a bunch of new stuff in 2014.

  5. It’s insane to think the 50th Anniversary year would go by with absolutely nothing new from Hasbro. From my perspective, I can’t see the situation being any better for Hasbro. It’s a non-movie year and they will still able to sell GI JOE because it’s a landmark anniversary year. They go from the huge financial success of Retaliation, into an anniversary year that is going to be fueled both by collectors and newcomers alike. Then in 2015 they get right back to another movie year and sell another movie line. That’s 3 consecutive years of Joe – what a great time to be a fan. For those of you who think it’s starting to slow down, think again. We’ve got new waves coming to retail soon, followed by FSS 2.0, new Kre-O, Joecon, then into the 50th Anniversary, SDCC, possible FSS 3.0, and then the movie hype starts to begin. I just hope my wallet can keep up with it all.

    And I’m calling it now, they’re definitely doing a KRE-O Flagg!

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