Director Jon Chu does the Cobra LaLaLaLaLa chant… the Internet can shut down now

While at San Diego ComicCon, Crave Online caught up with G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon Chu, and aside from making him do the CobraLALALALALA chant, they asked some very good questions surrounding the G.I. Joe film franchise and what direction the next movie might take.

Without question the highlight of the interview was a great conversation they had about the character of Scarlett, and her connections to Snake Eyes, and that there’s quite the possibility that she will make an appearance for G.I. Joe 3. The best part is, Chu didn’t make reference to earlier comments about “Scarlett” just being a rank and not the actual character, which leads one to think that perhaps he’s really talking about the character herself making a return.

He was also very specific to mention that the G.I. Joe: Retaliation universe was just one region in this larger world and that there is a likelihood that other avenues of G.I. Joe are up and running. Check out the full interview at Crave Online and embedded below.

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