Suddenly I have the urge to bust out my old school Nintendo

If only all movie-licensed games were this accurate for the old 8-bit Nintendo video game system.

I can’t even hazard a guess as to how this was done, but over on YouTube, CineFix has posted a fantastic 8-bit homage video to G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and how the licensed game for that film might look on your old Nintendo Entertainment System. The results, as one might imagine, are spectacular, and amazingly accurate.  From the looks of it, they cobbled together some existing game footage and tweaked the visuals to match the film look and feel.  Pretty awesome.

Watch game play as either Duke, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, or Joe Colton. Unfortunately this is just a video and not an actual playable game, but even as a video, it’s pretty amazing. Check it out on YouTube and also embedded below. Thanks to the Regeekery Podcast on Twitter and Comic Book Movie for the heads up.

San Diego ComicCon Preview Night gives first full look at new Sideshow product!

Preview night at San Diego ComicCon was last night, and folks rushed the floor to see what we could see.  Over on, Phil has grabbed a bunch of images from Hasbro’s display, including Kre-O and G.I. Joe: Retaliation product.  Along with that, he also got some great images from the Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys booths as well, showing off upcoming Retaliation Hot Toys product (including the upcoming Joe Colton) as well as new items from Sideshow in the form of Storm Shadow, Destro, and the Baroness.

This is our first full look at Storm Shadow and Destro, and they both look pretty fantastic.  I’ve seen some complaints about Destro’s more modern look, but I find it very reminiscent of his Spy Troops figure, which is cool with me.

Check out the images from YoJoe at the SDCC 2013 Gallery, and expect more images and details to come throughout the rest of the week!