Spoiler Alert – deleted scenes revealed from G.I. Joe: Retaliation!

Well, probably not that much of a spoiler, I guess at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to toss along that warning.

Paramount has started distributing their Blu-Ray screeners for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, including several of the reported deleted scenes that did not make the final theatrical release. While the mass release DVD offers these deleted scenes as an “extra” bonus feature, it appears from this article that the Extended Action set indeed takes this deleted footage and actually works it into the flow of the regular film.

Thanks to Elodie Yung (who plays Jinx in the film) on Twitter we see that French film site Ecran Large has broken down these deleted scenes/extended footage for us. They are reporting about 13 minutes of extra footage, which is a bit shy from what I heard, but in the same ballpark anyway. On the surface, those 13 minutes might not seem like a big deal, but from the looks of things, the flow of the film is altered drastically by this extra footage.

Here’s the only catch…the article is in French.  Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for the full details.

Using Google translate actually gives you a pretty decent idea of what each scene involves and what it outlines.

  1. The Bar Room Scene – As many folks have hypothesized, the barroom scene featured heavily in trailers and TV spots does indeed make its return for the home release version showing the Joes’ camaraderie and also giving Flint a hard lesson in team work.
  2. Extended Sequence of Jinx and Snake Eyes – The familiar scene with Snake Eyes and Jinx training in the Arashikage dojo is actually extended by several minutes and moved to before the scene with Duke and Roadblock playing Call of Duty. We hear a bit more of Jinx’s background, and a lot more action between her and the silent ninja commando.
  3. G.I. Joe in Pakistan – The familiar scene of Flint sliding underneath the scaffolding and taking down an enemy was cut from the film, and is replaced here. There are also a few seconds of added gun combat footage.
  4. The President’s Son – This one, I don’t know what to make of. Apparently at some point as President Zartan and Zandar are heading to the press conference, the President’s son pretends to assassinate him with a nerf weapon. A little bit of humor, I suppose, but just seems like a weird addition.
  5. Cobra Commander escape – In the theatrical version of the film, as Cobra Commander, Firefly, and Storm Shadow escape the prison, Snake Eyes is watching from afar. In the “Extended Action” version, Snake Eyes is joined by Jinx where they have an almost hostile little back-and-forth conversation preparing for their trip to the Arashikage temple.
  6. Storm Shadow healing sequence – Apparently the sequence with Storm Shadow healing in the Arashikage temple is extended with some additional footage. No real details given.
  7. Injured Roadblock – After Roadblock’s fist fight with Firefly where he considers assassinating President Zartan, Lady Jaye sews up a wound while Roadblock and Flint have a harsh conversation about teamwork. I would imagine Roadblock’s infamous line “I’m not going to bury any more Joes!” is uttered in this conversation, which I don’t believe we saw in the theatrical version.
  8. The UN Summit and Cobra’s Arrival – There is much more elaborate footage about the arrival of Cobra at the UN Summit, and some better explanation about Storm Shadow’s role, which clears up a lot of confusion about the final sequence. The scene with Cobra Commander arriving in the Water Moccassin, which appeared to be significantly trimmed in the theater will likely make its return here.
  9. Combat in the Tunnels – There are more scenes of Snake Eyes in the tunnels (as well as the “Old Joes” topside) doing battle with Cobra
  10. Jinx Rescue – We also see more of Jinx battling in the tunnels beneath Fort Sumter, then getting in some hot water, and getting rescued by Snake Eyes.
  11. Storm Shadow vs. President Zartan – This battle is apparently longer and more drawn out, with an interruption by a mysterious third party who “complicates the fight”, according to the website…
  12. Snake Eyes and Jinx – At the end of the film, Snake Eyes appears to reconcile with Jinx

So there you have it. Keep in mind, this is just a single report, and its a report from a website I don’t have any particular knowledge of. However, they did include screen caps of these events from the film, so its evident that they have some sort of inside track. They also even included the length of each scene and where in the film each scene appears.

I would expect that there may be even more footage sprinkled throughout the film that they didn’t catch, but even with the scenes described above, I’m very excited to check out the Extended Action Cut. This could be a totally different film, flowing much better than it did in the theater. Only about two weeks left to go!

Check out the full article at Ecran Large (which translates to “Wide Screen” in English) with screen captures and all time stamps as well.

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