JoeCustoms/JoeDeClassified “Man of War” Grand Prize winner on eBay!

A short while ago, JoeCustoms and JoeDeClassified held a revolutionary custom contest, asking entrants to reproduce formerly unproduced G.I. Joe offerings from the past 30 years, and awarding the entrants some very nice prizes for their efforts.

As part of the custom contest, the custom winners donated their excellent customs to JoeDeClassified, who then auctions them off to raise money for their cause. It was a great idea, and executed really well, providing a good vehicle for showcasing customs, winning great prizes and raising money all at once.

Well, up for bid right now is the grand prize winner of the JoeCustoms/JoeDeClassified custom contest, the infamous “Man-O-War” by AVAC Labs. The Man-O-War was a vehicle in the works for 1993 release based strongly off of the Rolling Thunder (and you can see YoJoe’s Preproduction Entry for this vehicle right here).

Check out the auction for this great custom vehicle right here, and get a chance to add a really unique item to your G.I. Joe collection that has some awesome ties to Real American Hero history. Not only that, but it supports the excellent JoeDeClassified project, which has been bringing us great convention displays and newsletters for the past several years. Support the cause!

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