Sideshow Collectibles Celebrates SDCC lead up with a peek at DESTRO!

Sideshow Collectibles has been having an online ComicCon lead up celebration, showcasing some of the items we can expect to see in San Diego next week, and their sneak peek today is the immortal Cobra Weapons Supplier…


Wow, this piece looks crazy impressive. The metal head sculpt is spectacular, and I like that they updated the look somewhat. I’m not sure how well the puffy red collar would work in the context of what Sideshow has done so far.

The only bummer to me about this is that my recent exposure to Hot Toys figures has sparked a renewed interest in high end 12″ items…and this Destro looks pretty boss. But of course if I get him, I’d want to get The Baroness, Bludd, Cobra Commander and Zartan…


At any rate, check out the update from Sideshow Collectibles right here, and be watching for SDCC updates next week, looks like we could get some interesting stuff to look forward to!



Big thanks to Kenny2274 on Twitter and Sideshow Collectibles for the heads up!