JoeDeClassified posts Newsletter Issue #6 – Star Brigade!

For fans like me who are in love with nearly every element of the 90’s G.I. Joe era, anything that more deeply explores the Star Brigade concept is a very welcome sight. Considering it came in at the tail end of the Real American Hero run also almost guarantees that there are some cool untold stories and information about potentially unreleased items, many of which can be found right in the YoJoe PreProduction archive.

So when JoeDeClassified posted theirĀ latest newsletter, featuring Star Brigade predominantly, I rushed to check it out.

To the surprise of no one, it’s another exceptional newsletter from the awesome JoeDeClassified folks, with a ton of information and insight that you literally cannot find anywhere else. Great articles by experts in their field of collecting. Do yourselves a favor and hit up JoeDeClassified right now and download the newsletter in PDF format. You’ll be glad you did.

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