Sideshow Collectibles Celebrates SDCC lead up with a peek at DESTRO!

Sideshow Collectibles has been having an online ComicCon lead up celebration, showcasing some of the items we can expect to see in San Diego next week, and their sneak peek today is the immortal Cobra Weapons Supplier…


Wow, this piece looks crazy impressive. The metal head sculpt is spectacular, and I like that they updated the look somewhat. I’m not sure how well the puffy red collar would work in the context of what Sideshow has done so far.

The only bummer to me about this is that my recent exposure to Hot Toys figures has sparked a renewed interest in high end 12″ items…and this Destro looks pretty boss. But of course if I get him, I’d want to get The Baroness, Bludd, Cobra Commander and Zartan…


At any rate, check out the update from Sideshow Collectibles right here, and be watching for SDCC updates next week, looks like we could get some interesting stuff to look forward to!



Big thanks to Kenny2274 on Twitter and Sideshow Collectibles for the heads up!

More details about the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Extended Cut Best Buy Exclusive

We confirmed yesterday, thanks to a Paramount e-mail, that there will indeed be a G.I. Joe: Retaliation “Extended Cut” Blu-Ray released in the US, and it will be an exclusive to Best Buy stores.

Some questions came up in regards to this, and YoJoe Forum Member NateBryant1985 stepped up to answer them. As an employee of Best Buy, he gave the following information about the promotion:

“The push will start on 7/16 as pre-orders will be made available in stores and should be in the Best Buy Circular ad as well (I’m an employee). You put at least $14.99 down and starting that day you can watch the Theatrical Cut on Best Buy’s Cinema Now streaming service. The Extended Action Cut will then be available on 7/30 alongside the regular version as well as the Theatrical 3D version.”

So the word is that pre-orders will start on 7/16 (Tuesday) and that it will also appear in the Best Buy circular. Sounds like there are some incentives to pre-order, as you’ll be able to watch the theatrical version online immediately, then get the “Extended Cut” on the 30th with all other releases.

Excellent. From what I’ve heard about the Extended Cut, there are some significant additions of footage (including the bar scene seen in several tv spots and trailers) and significantly more footage (combat and otherwise) in the final battle as well.

Great news, and hopefully this makes for a more cohesive film for home release. Thanks to NateBryant1985 for the info.


JoeDeClassified posts Newsletter Issue #6 – Star Brigade!

For fans like me who are in love with nearly every element of the 90’s G.I. Joe era, anything that more deeply explores the Star Brigade concept is a very welcome sight. Considering it came in at the tail end of the Real American Hero run also almost guarantees that there are some cool untold stories and information about potentially unreleased items, many of which can be found right in the YoJoe PreProduction archive.

So when JoeDeClassified posted their latest newsletter, featuring Star Brigade predominantly, I rushed to check it out.

To the surprise of no one, it’s another exceptional newsletter from the awesome JoeDeClassified folks, with a ton of information and insight that you literally cannot find anywhere else. Great articles by experts in their field of collecting. Do yourselves a favor and hit up JoeDeClassified right now and download the newsletter in PDF format. You’ll be glad you did.