GeneralsJoes and the mythical 503 Service Unavailable Error

As folks have no doubt noticed, GeneralsJoes has been recently plagued (again) by the Error 503 Service Unavailable error.  This does not appear to be related to web traffic, but is possibly connected to WordPress plug ins or other theme related issues.  I have been troubleshooting the problems for a while, but am having a somewhat tough time tracking this down.  I’ve been disabling plug ins, deleting plug ins and playing with things in general, but these intermittent errors just seem to persist.

All I can say is please just be patient.  As most of you know I have been working on an infrastructure migration to YoJoe over the past few months as it is, and as that gets closer to completion I’ll keep everyone in the loop.  This will not be a forever thing.

I appreciate everyone’s patience, and please know that for the most part whatever content you’re having issues reading here, will also be mirrored at

Thanks as always for your patience.

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