GeneralsJoes Review Double Shot! Eaglehawk and FSS 13th figure

Yes, the 13th figure in the Figure Subscription Service was released over a month ago now, but I’m still trying to avoid spoiling too much…at least in the subject of this post.  But let’s face it, if someone doesn’t know who the 13th figure is yet, they’re probably not on the Internet and aren’t reading this anyway!

So, we’re kicking off this Monday with two reviews that folks have been asking for.  One can be found in the 30th Anniversary and G.I. Joe: Retaliation sections, or linked below.  The other can be found in the G.I. Joe Collectors Club review section.  I think you guys can figure out which goes where.

6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Review Double Shot! Eaglehawk and FSS 13th figure

  1. Some complaints I’ve seen for Blackout have been about his headsculpt. Another is about the parts choice. Not so much that their bad choices, but that we’ve gotten them in these colors before. That anyone at home with a RoC Flash and City Strike Snake Eyes could make this figure with very little effort, thus negating much of the specialness that this figure was supposed to have. I can understand where that complaint is coming from and kind of agree with it to an extent. I’ve made my own which I’m happy with for the most part. However, if I hadn’t and got this figure through the FSS instead, I don’t think I would be too unhappy with it either. Are there other parts that I think would have worked better? Yes. Does that mean this is a bad figure or poor interpretation of Blackout? No.

  2. Yes! Sneak-Peek! I was just coming on here to say the same thing. The reviews are dope as well. I’d love a Blackout, but the cost is just too high for me right now.

  3. Hey Justin! Thanks so much for the amazing EagleHawk review. I had really really wanted one of these but was having a few second thoughts about ordering one until I read your review. After reading your review I ordered one immediately and look very forward to receiving my purchase. Great work as always.

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