Overseas auctions show first in hand images of SDCC Exclusive G.I. Joe

Just a few short weeks ago, we got our first glimpse of wave 3.5 thanks to some strategically placed auctions, and now we’re getting a good look at the first in hand images of San Diego ComicCon figures from the same place. A number of different auctions have appeared, showing us our first real in hand looks of Jetfire, Hound, Bludgeon, Baroness (with Ravage), and Snake Eyes.

To be honest, I’m liking these in hand images even more than the pre-production images we’ve seen. The Baroness has a serious J Scott Campbell vibe, which is awesome. Snake Eyes doesn’t thrill me, but the base figure is still pretty incredible, even if I’m not sure he’s worth being a ComicCon exclusive.

Overall, this set is truly inspired. A great choice of characters and a ton of play value for a very reasonable price. I’ve linked the auctions below, and mirrored the images below that.

4 thoughts on “Overseas auctions show first in hand images of SDCC Exclusive G.I. Joe

  1. Only negative I can think of is that Bludgeon has all the paint apps that Budo has had stripped away from him, which is only going to remind me of how Budo kinda tailed off.

    Well, and I’d rather have had a clear Snake Eyes as a holographic Skystriker pilot than this version.

  2. Is Bludgeon’s head the one we saw in the 2012 concept case on the blue ghost ninja guy? Not sure what the character’s name is but they made him into one of those mini-figs.

  3. Hmmm, so is Skyfire’s top jet pack thing not removable? I’d been thinking about tracking one down to use for a Sunbow Skystriker custom, but that may be a deal breaker (ha, either that or the aftermarket price).

    And Geoff, your idea for Snake Eyes is brilliant. I also wish they’d used this as an opportunity to give us the Vamp Mark II (call him Detritus?) with the Wolf Hound launcher.

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