Fascinating details revealed about the 2-Up manufacturing process and phantom limbs

Anyone who has been around the block for more than a few years generally has a good grasp on the design and manufacturing process that surrounds these wonderful toys that captured our childhood the way they did.  But even if many of us know the process, there are precious few actual historians who celebrate the work and the wonderful aesthetic process that was undertaken every single time one of these action figures was produced.

One of the most interesting aspects of the design and manufacturing process involves the “2-Up”.  Back in the 80’s and 90’s, “2-Ups” were used to sculpt the figures in wax at twice the normal scale, then resin copies are reproduced at the correct scale before the figure parts are tooled for production.  These 2-Ups were generally one of a kind, which is why they are in such hot demand for particular pre-production collectors.

In recent years, information about the 2-Ups, the standard “Buck”, and other manufacturing terminology has started to get out there, mostly due to growing connections between G.I. Joe fans, collectors, and the wonderful Hasbro designers who worked back in the glory days of action figure manufacturing.  But you don’t often see a really exhaustive explanation of a part of the production process.

Well, over on JoeCustoms, Gyre-Viper dropped an awesome knowledge bomb, with some terrific images and written details about 2-Ups, “bucks”, and phantom limbs, which is a really cool, introspective look at G.I. Joe history.  Big kudos to Gyre-Viper for presenting these images and details, and huge thanks to collectors like Chris Murray, Kevin Watts, and Brian Kauffman for letting him show some of these images and reveal some of these great details.

Any G.I. Joe fan will hopefully have some appreciation for these behind-the-scenes glimpses.  Check out the full article on JoeCustoms.com!

For more details on the pre-production process, I strongly advise everyone to check out JoeIntel.com… lots of awesome tidbits and information there!

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