EDIT – G.I. Joe: Battleground available in select International markets for iOS

EDIT – Argh.  That’ll teach me to write the post before actually tracking down an iOS device to check myself…  apparently the game is out for iOS… in select International markets only.  Oops.

I would imagine that means release is fairly imminent, though. Keep checking back!

The moment that Apple users have been waiting for… G.I. Joe: Battleground has now appeared in the App Store for iOS!

At the moment, it still just appears to be available Internationally in the Google Play store for Android, but one would imagine that will change fairly soon. Some people around the world have had a chance to start playing this game already, and reviews so far have been pretty positive.

You iPhone and iPad users, join the fun!


Click here to load this up in iTunes and start playing! Don’t forget to register at GIJoeBattleground.com and use yojoe! as the Referral Code to get a free Dr. Mindbender Rare card!