Newsrama speaks with Ryan Dunlavey about the “Real History of G.I. Joe”

One of the really intriguing aspects about the new IDW Publishing G.I. Joe title has been the short little nuggets at the beginning of each issue, outlining the “Real History of G.I. Joe”. Done by Ryan Dunlavey, they were a humerous and captivating look at G.I. Joe’s long and storied history over the past nearly 50 years, and I really looked forward to seeing them with each issue.

With issue #5 of G.I. Joe they are now done, and Dunlavey took a few moments to speak with Newsarama about the experience.

It’s a great interview, talking about Dunlavey’s background, how he got connected with Fred VanLente, and how his work on The Comics History of Comics helped shape what he did here. It’s a great interview, and I really loved these features, which Newsarama also posts (and which I’ve mirrored below).

Take a look at the interview right here, and check out the images below.

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