AC Toys poster reveals in hand images of Cobra Combat Ninja

I know now that in hand pictures have surfaced of this figure, collector desire seems to have waned just a bit.  With some reduced paint applications and color adjustments this figure seems to have gone from red-hot to luke warm almost overnight.

If that means it’ll be easier to stock up on these after release, that’s cool with me, because I still plan on buying as many of these as I can get.  On Asian message board ACToys, poster 236604994 has gotten one of these figures in his grasp, and posted a nice allotment of in hand pictures, including front and back package shots, and the very cool ASP-themed rocket launcher.

I will agree with some of the fandom out there and say that I wish they had kept the darker, more detailed paint work of the pre-production version, but I don’t think this one is bad by any stretch.  The varied amount of accessories, multiple heads, and the digital camouflage all look pretty great.  Check out the images on ACToys, or in the gallery mirrored below.

2 thoughts on “AC Toys poster reveals in hand images of Cobra Combat Ninja

  1. Other head looks like Grey Fox of Metal Gear Solid and Roadblock now is an ultimate ninja commando.

  2. The new paint job is definitely a hit to the desirability of this figure… won’t sell as many without the great looking paint they had before. Still cool, but let’s call it a 7 instead of a 9 now. They should have just dumped the rocket launcher to pay for the paint apps, but I suppose they don’t think that would have sat well with the kiddies. A shame.

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