In hand images of Data-Viper and Ultimate Duke on JoeDeClassified

Fresh off the release of press images today, in hand pictures of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation Data Viper comes to us from Gyre-Viper at!  Mixed in with the images are also some great pictures of Ultimate Duke as well.  Check out the great thread right here, and I’ve also mirrored some of the images below.

High Res Press Images of upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 3.5

We’ve seen press images of Wave 3.5 from Toy Fair and the G.I. Joe Convention, but as many have noticed, product has changed pretty significantly since those initial press images surfaced.  Hasbro’s excellent public relations department has posted their latest renditions of these press images, and here they are below!


AC Toys poster reveals in hand images of Cobra Combat Ninja

I know now that in hand pictures have surfaced of this figure, collector desire seems to have waned just a bit.  With some reduced paint applications and color adjustments this figure seems to have gone from red-hot to luke warm almost overnight.

If that means it’ll be easier to stock up on these after release, that’s cool with me, because I still plan on buying as many of these as I can get.  On Asian message board ACToys, poster 236604994 has gotten one of these figures in his grasp, and posted a nice allotment of in hand pictures, including front and back package shots, and the very cool ASP-themed rocket launcher.

I will agree with some of the fandom out there and say that I wish they had kept the darker, more detailed paint work of the pre-production version, but I don’t think this one is bad by any stretch.  The varied amount of accessories, multiple heads, and the digital camouflage all look pretty great.  Check out the images on ACToys, or in the gallery mirrored below.

Will we be getting a G.I. Joe: Retaliation “Extended Cut” after all?

One of the chief complaints coming after pre-orders were listed for the G.I. Joe: Retaliation DVD and Blu-Ray was that while deleted scenes were listed as part of the special features, there was no real indication of a “Director’s Cut”.

Well, an astute GeneralsJoes reader from Germany noticed an interesting entry on Amazon’s German site:

It’s listed with a running time of 123 minutes (where the theatrical release clocked in at 110).

Currently I cannot find evidence of this anywhere on the American site, but I’m crossing my fingers that something will show up soon.  Thanks very much to GeneralsJoes reader Kai for this interesting tidbit!

Rejoice, Joe fans, our long national nightmare is over – Eaglehawk is EN ROUTE!

It seems like forever since we’ve gotten new main line product, but the long, never-ending wait has officially ended.  As of last week, the G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Helicopter is IN STOCK at e-tailers around the web!  Site sponsor Kokomo Toys has already sold through, but they are currently in stock at Big Bad Toy Store, and certainly will be hitting other retailers shortly.

Check out the link below, and keep watching, you can bet a review for this beast will be going up immediately after I receive it!