Go Go Dynamo launches Kickstarter for awesomely customizable Modibot action figures

I’ve been singing the praises of these guys long before I even heard of “Go Go Dynamo” and I’m more than happy to continue doing so.  Wayne Losey worked alongside Tucker Johnson at Hasbro, helping develop the Sigma 6 action figure line (as well as doing some design elements for the later Direct To Consumer offerings, not to mention the fantastic and terribly unheralded Xevoz toyline from Hasbro).  Eventually they grew into their own firm, Go Go Dynamo.  They first went the Kickstarter route with the Hero Project, but since then, Wayne and Tucker have focused much of their energy on the “Modibot” customizable figure line through BotShop and Shapeways.

I purchased one of these Modibots several months ago, and frankly, I love it.  Anyone who enjoys Xevoz, Stikfas, or just customizing in general will find a lot to love with these things.  Insanely poseable and surprisingly well constructed, there is a wealth of opportunities with the Modibot platform.  With connection points pretty much everywhere on the figure, you can make almost anything your mind can dream of.  There are countless joints as well, offering the most flexibility of any figure I’ve seen, yet they still manage to maintain stiff joints to hold the pose.  Limbs and such are easily swapped out, yet once they hook together, they stay together remarkably well.  There are weapons offerings and many different themes.

So now the Modibot has evolved somewhat from just a Shapeways product to a full blown Kickstarter for production on a larger scale, instead of the build-to-order system they were doing.  This makes me very happy.  They have tons of customization options available, from different colors to different characters and different accessories.  Much less ambitious than the Hero Project, this is toy customizing and building at its most base level, where your imagination is the biggest roadblock to making a cool toy.

Yes, I am a humongous fan of the work these guys do, and for whatever reason I end up loving almost everything they touch, but I’ve had a Modibot in hand, and it is a lot of fun.  I think the opportunities are really endless for folks to mix and match and just make up their own great Modibot universe in their head.  Check out their Kickstarter Page, and I’ve also embedded the video below, and have a gallery of my own Modibot after that.  Retail stores are so filled with licensed stuff right now, I think us toy fans deserve a toy that exists simply for the sake of being a toy.  No media tie-in, no mass market hooplah, just a very fun, very buildable toy with a great design aesthetic.  Let’s support ’em on this!

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