Overseas auctions provide first in hand loose images of Wave 3.5

Well, this is a great thing to wake up to on a Tuesday morning.  Certainly we’ve all seen loose images from Toy Fair, JoeCon, and other official places, but overseas seller viperkingdom this morning provides the first real in hand images of what we believe are production level versions of the highly anticipated Wave 3.5 figures from Hasbro.

Slated to be released in July or August, Wave 3.5 breaks the mold for case assortments, giving us a whopping 12 brand spanking new G.I. Joe figures in one single case assortment.  Pulling from over 30 years of history, Hasbro gives us vintage themed figures and G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie figures all in one case, filling in many collection gaps and providing some beautiful looking army builders in movie styling.

These are great looking toys and a testament to just how much better and further developed G.I. Joe toys are in comparison to other toylines.  I defy anyone to look at these images, and then look at pegs at your local stores and tell me there are any 4″ action figures that even come close to the level of detail, articulation, and accessories you see here.  It’s not even a contest.  Heck, I can’t even pick a favorite!  The Cobra Combat Ninja is a must buy, but so is Ultimate Duke…  Data-Viper and Ultimate Roadblock both look amazing.  It’s unreal, I get like five figures deep before I even realize we’re finally getting Kwinn!

Anyway, check out the mirrored images below to see these new amazing figures and prepare yourselves for July/August as G.I. Joe makes its triumphant return to retail and e-tail shelves!

Wave 3.5 contains the following:

  • Crimson Guard
  • Budo
  • Ultimate Cobra Commander (Vintage)
  • Ultimate Storm Shadow (Vintage)
  • Kwinn
  • Data-Viper
  • Ultimate Snake Eyes (Vintage)
  • Ultimate Duke (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Ultimate Roadblock (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Ultimate Flint (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Ultimate Firefly (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Cobra Combat Ninja

These figures are still available for pre-order from our fine sponsors at Big Bad Toy Store, SmallJoes, and Nerd Rage Toys.

22 thoughts on “Overseas auctions provide first in hand loose images of Wave 3.5

  1. All of them please. Nice to see some new weapons too and mixing up the colours with the returning molds.

  2. I know that big fire hydrant that comes with Storm Shadow is a nod to the CLAW, but what IS it, exactly?

  3. My guess is that it’s the CLAW attached to some type of zipline-launching mechanism. Hopefully the CLAW is removable, because I’ve got several Cobra troopers just waiting to use it….

  4. Admittedly, a lot of my choices were because I like to keep my case orders below $100 to avoid Canadian customs getting annoyed and charging duty, but….

    Crimson Guard – Passing. Not enough there to justify army-building it. I’d grab some on clearance, but I doubt I’ll ever see them.

    Budo – Buying, although he’s still a tad to medieval for my taste. Would’ve liked to see more of a techno-take on the samurai look.

    Ultimate Cobra Commander (Vintage) – Happiness. My only complaint is that he doesn’t have a closed fist, since he’s going to be replacing a version that I have posed in a “CURSE YOU, JOES!” type of pose. Hopefully I can transplant a hand over.

    Ultimate Storm Shadow (Vintage) – Never got the 30th SS, so this will be a fine substitute. As noted below, the glider’s going to be given to a Trooper (as will CC’s FANG). Incedentally, it’s great how a simple coat of paint and some thought makes the kid-appeal accessories more worthwhile. That’s all I ask.

    Kwinn – Not as crazy enthusiastic about him as some, but as I never got Footloose I’m happy to see most of these parts no matter what.

    Data-Viper – *sigh* skipped him due to the exorbitant prices as a single. Don’t like myself for doing so.

    Ultimate Snake Eyes (Vintage) – Skipped, without reservations.

    Ultimate Duke (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) – HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT LOADOUT. I feel bad for Marauder John; this figure’s going to cut his sales by 25%. Love that they included the second head since that turns him into an army builder (for either side, really – he’d make a good base for a Sand Scorpion….)

    (Also, looks like I got him before SmallJoes hiked the price through the roof. Score!)

    Ultimate Roadblock (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) – Remind me again why I bought the Wave 2 version? This looks great, without the annoying large holsters and odd white paint app on the vest. Guess Wave 2’s being turned into custom fodder… any ideas?

    Ultimate Flint (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) – Dammit, was hoping they’d toss the beret in there.

    Ultimate Firefly (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) – Sue me, I still like this guy. He’s different enough from the three-pack Firefly to find a spot on the shelf as a whole new character.

    Cobra Combat Ninja – Sorry, not feeling this army-builder, either.

  5. There’s some great figures in this wave, but the worst has got to be Budo. I would have loved to add a Budo figure to my 25th lineup, but this one just won’t do. He looks nothing like his original figure, he looks like he can hardly move, his face even looks like he is depressed, and he will not fit in at all with with any other military figures. All the ninja figures still somehow fit in with a modern military unit as silent infiltration specialists or something, but this poor guy would just stumble into a battle and make a lot of noise with his clanky armor until someone shot him. I would be interested to hear other people’s opinions on him. I admit my collection has a pretty specific focus, and maybe he works for someone else, but I can’t find much good to say about him.

  6. I ordered the whole wave from BBTS, mostly to ensure I can nab Kwinn at an affordable price. He’ll be joining my crew of Adventure Team-inspired two-fisted archaeologist types.

    I’ll be selling most of the rest. Like jfaria said, my collection has a very specific focus, but in my case it’s more Indiana Jones than military heroes.

    So that you all don’t lose sleep tonight, here are my thoughts:

    Crimson Guard:

    A surprisingly awkward and ineffective kitbash. In light of recent troops like the latest Viper and Cobra Trooper and Shock Trooper and the like, this guy seems to me like a glaring step backward, or at least an unfortunate misfire. That holster on his leg is too large, and the holster on the back of his vest hangs strangely.


    Is this really what the final paint apps will look like? If so, that’s a crushing disappointment. While I do not like restricted articulation, I will sometimes accept it for a figure whose aesthetic transcends the limits of toy design (see: Skydive); I had planned to keep Budo just because he would be so wonderful to photograph, but if he looks this monochrome, I will sell him or trade him. His face sculpt is also rather uninspired.

    Cobra Commander:

    I have no need whatsoever for a Cobra Commander figure, ’cause the “G.I. Joe vs. Cobra fantasy” does not define my collection. But I don’t think I’ll be able to get rid of this guy. THIS is what the 25th Anniversary should have been like. Absolutely flawless. I only hope they’ll offer a similarly brilliant new version of the more ceremonial look of, say, the Resolute figure.

    Storm Shadow:

    Very nicely done, but I doubt I will keep him. I don’t hate the ninjas like some people, but neither do they light my creative fire.


    This is everything I like about toys in one perfect action figure. I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone will be sick to death of this figure by the time I’m done spamming Flickr and Hiss Tank with my photos of him. I will be selling most of his accessories, but not because they’re lacking; I just intend to give him some Adventure Team-esque gear. Machine guns and the like do nothing for me.

    Data Viper:

    A figure so audacious, he makes the Jungle Viper look quiet and unassuming. I hope to remove the Cobra logo and use him as a weird new take on Mainframe.

    Snake Eyes:

    I can’t quite pinpoint why, but this one doesn’t work for me at all. For some reason, they cannot seem to top the vintage version 2 with a new take on that same aesthetic. I like Snake Eyes to be skinny, but I think a new take on this look would almost have to be thicker to do justice to the original. I don’t care for his holster, either. Timber looks too big and too toyish, but that could be the photo. Whatever the case, I’ll probably sell/trade him.

    Duke and Flint:

    Amazing!!!! And I’m selling mine. They are brilliant, arguably perfect… but I don’t care for desert camo. Give me repaints with dark green camo and I’d be all over them. Still, that’s just my weird preferences talking, I’m taking nothing away from the figures. If I was more into the military angle I’d buy five of each.


    Pretty damn great. I’m trying to decide whether I feel silly for having bought version 2. The tattoo is friggin’ brilliant. The paint on the face seems a bit off, almost cartoony. I’m reminded of Pursuit of Cobra Recondo’s head sculpt, somehow. I think it’s the eyes.


    I really, really like this figure, although the three-pack version is arguably more deserving of the “Ultimate” moniker. I’m not sure whether I’ll keep him, but he is swell. I’d rather have a highly-articulated version of the light-up figure with the actor head sculpt. I also wish he didn’t have a Cobra symbol, but I get that I’m alone in that regard.

    Cobra Ninja Trooper Dude:

    Meh. Digital camo on a body they’ve already reused many, many times? Easy pass.

    All in all, this is a stupendous wave, arguably the best ever. The fact that I intend to keep only two or three of them is not a comment on their quality by any means!

  7. “I would be interested to hear other people’s opinions on him.”

    If you mean you’re interested in why someone might like him, I noted above that if these are the final paint apps I’m passing, but based on the teaser photos, I wanted him simply to photograph him, but I also thought he’d look cool next to the SDCC James McCullen in his medieval suit; sort of a Heroes Through Time deal.

  8. What’s the word on the packaging? The Eaglehawk package is different than than wave 1,2, and thats a retaliation vehicle and it comes out on the same date.

  9. It looks like the Cobra Trooper/Ninja comes with 1 new weapon. It’s not a major selling point for what’s basically a repaint, but it’s nice since I thought all of his weapons were recycled!

  10. too bad they didn’t include the Night Viper in this wave, otherwise it would have been the ultimate wave since the start of the 25th style figures. Oh no, wait… it already is the ultimate wave!!! Excited to get this one!

  11. I’m kind of glad to hear that a lot of people are a little disappointed with this wave now. Maybe I’ll be able to army build those Combat Ninjas and Crimson Guard without it costing me an arm and a leg!

  12. I love most of the wave, but Kwinn, the Cobra Combat Ninja, and Budo are the cream of the crop for me. Looking forward to my case from BBTS and then some army building at retail. Hopefully the delay for increased quantities will make that a little easier.

  13. It wouldn’t surprise me if these were final. Production figures ALWAYS have less paint apps than pre-production figures. They always make the figures look as good as possible for pre-production photos to entice retailers to buy them. Considering how expensive figures have gotten, if skimping on the paint apps keeps the price from going higher, that’s fine with me. I can add whatever details I like on my own.

  14. getting Kwinn (because I am a vintage Joe comic fan), and the ultimate Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. The ultimate SS and SE will complete my “ultimate” collection for SS and EE. I have MOC 25th HOH of SS and SE, and have the Renegades SS, and Pursuit SE, and now I will have the ultimate versions. I will make it a point to sell these as a lot in 30 years+!

  15. To me it looks like the colors on the Cobra Combat Ninja uniform didn’t finish downloading …

  16. “I ordered the whole wave from BBTS, mostly to ensure I can nab Kwinn at an affordable price.”

    I’ve been looking at this for three days now and I still can’t figure this out. Why not just order Kwinn? He was $10.99, max, when pre-orders came out. Isn’t it a ridiculous hassle to sell everyone else?

  17. I love that my stupid purchasing decisions have haunted you for half a week. :)

    I very nearly did purchase Kwinn by himself. However:

    Shipping for the whole wave: $10.99

    Shipping for just Kwinn: $7.39

    Plus I do want to at least have the chance to hold each in my hand and figure out if I can do anything creative with it, and I love trading with my fellow dorks at Hiss Tank, so what the hell.

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