Regular Joes Podcast Episode 5 – Win an autograph from Ray Park!

Man, how do these guys rate?!  Only five episodes into their fun podcast and they already have an autograph from Ray Park to give away?!  This is obviously a high class establishment!

In all seriousness, Barry, Todd, and Dave have been deeply involved in the G.I. Joe realm for many years, and their perspective on geek topics are insightful and interesting. I would think most G.I. Joe fans can relate to them in a big way.  They contribute to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club newsletter, and give all of their opinions on the latest geek topics.

Episode Five is no different where they talk about convention season, and speak about having the opportunity to meet Ray Park himself at the Philadelphia ComicCon.  You can check out (or subscribe) to their show on iTunes, or hit up as well and have a listen.  I think it’s worth your time!