Tons of FSS talk on What’s on Joe Mind Episode #81

G.I. Joe news over the past few weeks has been dominated by the Figure Subscription Service…whether it was the last shipments of FSS 1.0 or the exciting reveals of FSS 2.0, there’s been a bunch of talk about all of these figures, but a noticeable lack of that talk on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast.  Well, with Episode 81 we are changing that in a big way with a huge Figure Subscription Service special!  Not only are we talking FSS, but we brought in Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studios (one of the design brainiacs behind the new head sculpts for FSS 2.0) to discuss past and future FSS offerings as well.

Check out the latest episode on or with the embedded players below.  Show Notes, as always, are after the jump.


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It’s an FSS EXTRAVAGANZA!  We are joined by regular guest host Craig from The Fwooshcast and show friend and toy designer Eric Araña as we give our thumbs up or down ratings of each one of the figures we will see in FSS2.  Justin and Gary review their ratings from FSS1 to see if they got anything that changed their minds from their initial ratings way back in 2011.  Erik clues us in on what he’s been up to since he left the corporate toy world and what he has planned for the near future.  Even though the news this go-around was light, we turn the mailbag upside down and answer the last bits of unanswered mail from the past year as well.  Lastly, we are proud to announce our upcoming spin-off podcast, The Full Force.  To learn more about it, you got to listen!  Enjoy!!

Erik Arana – Boss Fight Studios

Figure Subscription Service

Boss Fight Studio FSS 2.0 Head Sculpts and Inputs

FSS 2.0 Figure Reveal Artwork

FSS 2.0 Figure Reveals

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