Some great old school G.I. Joe tidbits revealed on Hasslein Blog

I’ve been talking up the G.I. Joe Complete Collection for a while now, and over at the Hasslein Books Blog, James McFadden has uncovered yet another reason to consider picking these collections up.  as I’ve mentioned in the past, Mark Bellomo has been doing some exhaustive work drafting these collections and ensuring they are of the highest quality for your G.I. Joe comic dollar.  But as further added value, Mr. Bellomo has gone directly to the source, Larry Hama, and has provided some very cool insight that many fans may not have been privy to.

As James points out, an original dossier write up for Destro mentions a converted oil tanker named “The Valkyrie” that served as Destro’s base of operations.  This little nugget of information was more or less dropped from Destro’s final iteration, but it did create a very interesting tie-in to the Sunbow animated series.

I won’t spoil the details here, you should head on over to the Hasslein Blog to check out the details.

It’s little stuff like this that makes the Real American Hero universe so compelling, and is just another reason to devour every bit of these Complete Collection books.  Still lots to be learned after over 30 years!  Hit up the links below to order the Complete Collection from Amazon.

As an added note, you should also definitely check out James McFadden’s excellent comic site, My Useless Knowledge, which has a plethora of information about the G.I. Joe comic universe among other things.

4 thoughts on “Some great old school G.I. Joe tidbits revealed on Hasslein Blog

  1. Doubtful. The ARAH and Special Missions series have already been released in basic trade paperback format.

    A big part of the appeal of these is that they’re hardcovers. These are the deluxe models: larger page size, hardcover bound, and packed with extra content. These are the versions that class up your bookshelves and impress the ladies.

  2. …and drain my wallet. I have no desire for hardcovers. The appeal of these for me is the content on the inside which they could bind in a softcover if they really wanted. Yeah it’s been collected before, but not in this fashion along with the corrections that have been made.

  3. A digital release would be your best hope then.

    And these aren’t breaking the bank. They seem to be releasing a new volume once a quarter. With some smart shopping, I’m thinking I’m only going to be spending around $100-120 a year on these.

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