GeneralsJoes Reviews Figure Subscription Service Barrel Roll and TNT

The Figure Subscription Service has wrapped shipping and I’m finally getting those last loose ends tied up.  Not quite done with the mythical “Number 13” yet, but here are numbers 11 and 12.  Barrel Roll is one of my all time favorite characters, especially in recent years, and I’m glad to see him released.  Meanwhile, TNT was a very pleasant surprise, to be sure.

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4 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Figure Subscription Service Barrel Roll and TNT

  1. As someone who wasn’t around for Barrel Roll’s introduction, I prefer the brown color scheme, although the specific browns they chose come across as a bit more toy-ish than one might have preferred.

    As for TNT, he should be a $5 Dollar General figure, not an uber-expensive Club figure. Still, as garish as he is, he looks fun, and I’d happily pay for the privilege to photograph him if he weren’t so expensive.

  2. The parachute pack for Barrel Roll is actually from the Resolute jet pack Duke.

  3. If there’s one word that I wouldn’t mind never seeing again on this blog it’s “pop”…

  4. I also was not collecting when Barrel Roll came out, so I am not attached to a particular color scheme like some older characters (I am still unhappy about Law & Order). I thought he looked good in brown and tan, but Justin’s custom in blue and gray does look really good. I would stick with the legs the club used, but If they had used that color scheme, he would have looked awesome.

    TNT looked okay but I still wasn’t that interested and sold him. He should have been done as a convention exclusive a couple years ago with the other Argentina figures. I have said before I wish the club would cut back a little on the international figures and the “you have to have the rest team from a convention set” figures from the FSS.

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