Some great old school G.I. Joe tidbits revealed on Hasslein Blog

I’ve been talking up the G.I. Joe Complete Collection for a while now, and over at the Hasslein Books Blog, James McFadden has uncovered yet another reason to consider picking these collections up.  as I’ve mentioned in the past, Mark Bellomo has been doing some exhaustive work drafting these collections and ensuring they are of the highest quality for your G.I. Joe comic dollar.  But as further added value, Mr. Bellomo has gone directly to the source, Larry Hama, and has provided some very cool insight that many fans may not have been privy to.

As James points out, an original dossier write up for Destro mentions a converted oil tanker named “The Valkyrie” that served as Destro’s base of operations.  This little nugget of information was more or less dropped from Destro’s final iteration, but it did create a very interesting tie-in to the Sunbow animated series.

I won’t spoil the details here, you should head on over to the Hasslein Blog to check out the details.

It’s little stuff like this that makes the Real American Hero universe so compelling, and is just another reason to devour every bit of these Complete Collection books.  Still lots to be learned after over 30 years!  Hit up the links below to order the Complete Collection from Amazon.

As an added note, you should also definitely check out James McFadden’s excellent comic site, My Useless Knowledge, which has a plethora of information about the G.I. Joe comic universe among other things.

Jon Chu set to return to helm G.I. Joe 3

Well, that’s the rumor mill buzz, anyway, and considering Chu himself liked the post on Facebook with the comment “Let’s do this” I think we can consider it confirmed.

Deadline reports that Chu will indeed return to helm the third installment of the G.I. Joe film franchise.  Considering all of the obstacles the second film went through, and it still went on to gross over $360 million worldwide, I think this was a great decision by the powers at be at Paramount.  The article also goes on to say that there is a “short list” of four writers and a decision will be made shortly in that regard as well.

Check out the news at, and you can be sure GeneralsJoes will be right on top of this story.

In a G.I. Joe drought, Hot Toys Snake Eyes is a 12″ glass of ice cold water

I know, drought is probably an exaggeration, considering FSS 1.0 shipments just came a week or two ago, but the fact remains that there doesn’t seem to be much G.I. Joe related enthusiasm out in the larger geek world these days.  Meanwhile, the Hot Toys G.I. Joe: Retaliation Snake Eyes is on the verge of release domestically, and the Hot Toys Facebook page has posted some 75 images from various Asian bloggers.

Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover this figure.  It looks like Ray Park got hit by a shrink ray.  I’ve never owned a Hot Toys product before, and I’ve been told that this figure will probably change my life forever…time will tell (yes I have one on pre-order), but until then, soak in some of these images.  This thing looks incredible.  Check out all of the images on the Hot Toys Facebook page, and I’ve also mirrored some of the images below.

Tons of FSS talk on What’s on Joe Mind Episode #81

G.I. Joe news over the past few weeks has been dominated by the Figure Subscription Service…whether it was the last shipments of FSS 1.0 or the exciting reveals of FSS 2.0, there’s been a bunch of talk about all of these figures, but a noticeable lack of that talk on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast.  Well, with Episode 81 we are changing that in a big way with a huge Figure Subscription Service special!  Not only are we talking FSS, but we brought in Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studios (one of the design brainiacs behind the new head sculpts for FSS 2.0) to discuss past and future FSS offerings as well.

Check out the latest episode on or with the embedded players below.  Show Notes, as always, are after the jump.


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GeneralsJoes Reviews Figure Subscription Service Barrel Roll and TNT

The Figure Subscription Service has wrapped shipping and I’m finally getting those last loose ends tied up.  Not quite done with the mythical “Number 13” yet, but here are numbers 11 and 12.  Barrel Roll is one of my all time favorite characters, especially in recent years, and I’m glad to see him released.  Meanwhile, TNT was a very pleasant surprise, to be sure.

Check out my G.I. Joe Collectors Club Reviews section for the latest FSS reviews, or the direct links below.