G.I. Joe Complete Collection continues assault on Amazon.com

Yes, this is a plug, but please trust me when I say that this plug is a plug for something that I think all G.I. Joe comic fans will enjoy.  IDW Publishing has been working alongside Mark Bellomo in developing the “G.I. Joe Complete Collection” which is a collection based assortment, taking stories from the Marvel Comics universe and bringing them all together into one cohesive series of volumes.  This includes the Real American Hero main title, the Yearbooks, and Special Missions…and believe it or not, also the “in between” issues from the 25th Anniversary Comic Packs.

At first glance, this may seem like an odd inclusion, as the art and format of the comic packs doesn’t necessarily lend itself to meshing seamlessly with the surrounding issues.  But trust me when I say, it actually works really well.  Mark is a very good friend of mine, and I know he has been working long and hard putting these volumes together, and as a G.I. Joe fan of three decades, he is really pouring his heart and soul into it, as well as consulting with Larry Hama and others to ensure the format and vehicle is what it deserves to be.

Reviews from folks who actually have the books in hand have been glowing.  Don’t miss out. Both volumes 1 and 2 are available at Amazon.com right now, with Volume 3 on the way soon.  Hit the banners below to pick these up!

PRE-ORDER (to be released September, 2013):

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