Danger Girl and GI Joe artist John Royle has original art from the series for sale

Recently, IDW Publishing released an really fun limited series Danger Girl and G.I. Joe which evoked some very cool Sunbow-esque memories.  Some great over the top writing and over the top artwork really married the two universes pretty seamlessly together, appealing very strongly to both the G.I. Joe and the Danger Girl crowd.

The artist for the series John Royle dropped me a note over the weekend to let me know that he has original artwork from the series for sale on his website JohnRoyleArt.com!  Some very cool pieces there, you should head over there and check them out.  If there’s a piece you want that you don’t see, drop him a line, he may have it still. If you’re in the market, hit up JohnRoyleArt.com and grab some up!

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