USA Today reveals information about 2013 G.I. Joe ComicCon Exclusives!

While other brands and toylines were revealing their coveted San Diego ComicCon exclusives, G.I. Joe fans were sitting on their hands saying “what about us”?!

Well, no longer!  USA Today writer and geek extraordinaire Brian Truitt reveals today via USA Today that the 2013 San Diego ComicCon exclusive G.I. Joe set will contain a Skystriker redeco into Autobot Jetfire, a VAMP redeco into Autobot Hound, as well as Snake Eyes, the Baroness (with Ravage) and Bludgeon!

At JoeCon 2013, John Warden mentioned that this year’s set would “fill in some gaps” of past ComicCon sets and indeed it has, finally giving  us some Autobots to battle against the Decepticons of the past two years.  The USA Today article also posted a great gallery of all of the necessary images as well.

Check out the great USA Today article for all of the juicy details, and take a peek at the mirrored images below.  That Jetfire looks GREAT.  Awesome retooled thrusters on the back…and that Ravage?  Woah.  Another fantastic entry into the G.I. Joe/Transformers ComicCon Lexicon!

EDIT – Thanks to the crack staff at YoJoe we now have much larger images of the exclusives!

16 thoughts on “USA Today reveals information about 2013 G.I. Joe ComicCon Exclusives!

  1. Very cool. That Baroness / Ravage combo has been staring us in the face for years. Nice to see it addressed. Bummer no Kreo exclusives though.

  2. Ah, the pictures clarify things, namely it’s not Budo dressed as Bludgeon but a 4″ Bludgeon in his pretender shell. Fantastic!

  3. Really like that Baroness, but could do without whatever that thing in the leash is.

    If I get one, It’s going to be replaced with S&M Destro, or something….

  4. Of all that, I only want the Baroness figure. If it’s all packed together, it’s an easy pass for me. I’ve spent too much money this year as is, and I’ve never opened my last two year’s worth of SDCC crossover exclusives. We’ll see…maybe I can buy one and just sell it to someone who really wants it or something, if I can even get IN the Hasbro line this year…

  5. Is anyone else thinking “Another Snake Eyes!!!???” I understand why every retail wave has some of the main characters, but Comic Con is a good time to make more obscure characters. I love Snake Eyes (and ninjas) but I don’t need another Snake Eyes to fill a gap.
    The vehicles do look nice, and that might be the best Baroness ever, but overall I like their idea the last three years better. They had the crossover vehicle and a separate single figure. Sgt Slaughter, Zarana, and Jinx filled bigger gaps. If you are not a Transformers fan, there is not much for you this year.

  6. I’m pretty excited about this set. I love the Baroness, Ravage, Bludgeon, and Jet Fire. Snake Eyes, Hound and Blaster don’t do much for me but you gotta take the good with the bad I guess. Are we certain that there are no carded figures this year?

  7. I wouldn’t say anything here is something I desperately needed to fill a gap but the Transformers Pretenders as GI Joe figures is something I never thought I wanted before now.

    Wonder if Jetfire’s booster pack can hold a figure like the Night Raven drone. Is that from some other line or is it completely new tooling? Seems like a big piece for a one and done release.

  8. From what I’ve seen thus far it looks completely new. Not saying we won’t see it again somewhere down the line.

  9. I’d love to get the Baroness and Ravage figures, but since they’re part of the set, I’ll kiss ’em good bye.

  10. That’s an awesome set. I’m so stoked that they tooled a rocket pack for Jetfire. I wouldn’t be that interested otherwise but that just pushes him into a must have.

  11. That’s an awesome set. I’m so stoked that they tooled a rocket pack for
    Jetfire. I wouldn’t be that interested otherwise but that just pushes
    him into a must have. I wish they would have given Hound the hood from the Desert Striker to make him look that much more like a Jeep though.

  12. I don’t mind the Snake Eyes considering everything else that comes in the set. It’s not like we didn’t get characters we didn’t really need the past two years either (Destro last year, CC the year before).

  13. I guess you’re right, I forgot about Destro and CC being with the Transformers sets. I guess I don’t care who they put in this set, I just wish there was another single figure that was a GI Joe.

  14. That would have been nice, but considering they’re doing this big set, I can understand why they chose not to do a single carded figure as well.

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