Jim Sorenson updates his blog with some Field Manual out takes

Much to many folks’ surprise, Jim Sorenson’s G.I. Joe: Field Manual (Volume 2) hit Amazon this week and has shipped to many folks already.  Jim reached out to us, and we were able to get him on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast last night, so expect another great conversation with Mr. Sorenson to emerge on the Internet very soon!

During our conversation, Jim mentioned several outtakes that didn’t quite make the cut for the second volume, including twisted Mike Irizarry’s favorite…  “sick kids”.  Yes, for some reason Mike gets a level of joy out of sick kids.  True to his word, Jim went to his blog this morning and immediately posted some outtakes from volume two, including the now infamous “sick kids”.  He provides some excellent background to the outtake, and some great information about Volume 2 as well.

While you’re reading the blog, you should seriously consider hitting up Amazon and picking up the second volume of the G.I. Joe: Field Manual.  There’s tons of Season Two artwork as well as a ton of stuff from the DiC series.  That’s right, you get to marvel at the designs of awesome and obscure 90’s G.I. Joe characters without having to actually watch the cartoon.  It’s the best of all worlds!  Click the banner below to buy Volume Two, and make sure you continue hitting up Disciples of Boltax for information about this book and others.

3 thoughts on “Jim Sorenson updates his blog with some Field Manual out takes

  1. I’ve got the first volume and the model-sheets are all well and good to have, but what caught my eye was the montage of director notes/ series bible notes on the inside front and back covers. Now, I understand that stuff may be a dry read for others, but that info is where the REAL “meat and potatoes” info and insight will be found. I’d love to see those notes compiled ( perhaps in a third volume??) and offered.

  2. Arrow, why not go and post that suggestion to Jim’s blog? I think comments are open.

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