G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection Volume 2 on Amazon!

G.I. Joe fans, by and large, seem to love the Marvel Comics continuity, and who am I to argue?  Good friend of GeneralsJoes Mark Bellomo has been working very long and very hard on the composition, layout, and format of these complete collections, and I’m excited to say that Volume 2 is on the verge of release.

It’s actually listed from Amazon as “In Stock”, so grab it while it’s hot!  It collects the entirety of the Marvel Universe IN PROPER ORDER including issues from Comic Pack releases.  Very cool stuff.  Click the banner below to pick one of these up.

One thought on “G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection Volume 2 on Amazon!

  1. Got mine yesterday and flipped through it a little today. I had some reservations about IDW’s plans to place the Hasbro comic pack issues within the original issues rather than as back matter as I thought they might break up the reading flow with the distinct style and coloring differences but my worries were unfounded. While issue 21.5 does look a little out of place between 21 and 22, there’s notes included to explain its inclusion and context to the overall story. Seems like a lot more notes in this volume than the 1st. That’s a good thing.

    IDW and Mark Bellomo are doing a great job with these. Hope these collections continue past issue 155 and into the current ongoing series. Would love to see other past Joe comics series collected in this deluxe hardcover format as well.

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