More evidence that an “Extended Cut” of G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be released

A short while ago, we broke the news here at YoJoe and GeneralsJoes that G.I. Joe: Retaliation would be getting an “Extended Cut” in Germany, and now more listings have started emerging across the Internet to further back up that claim.

All listings are still International, and no US pre-orders have shown up yet, but considering some of these releases are region-free, their existence should still make all G.I. Joe: Retaliation fans happy.

GeneralsJoes reader Scott as well as Fred from JoeBattleLines both report that Amazon UK now has a listing for this extended cut featuring the same cover as the German pre-order. The release is listed as “Region Free” which means it should work in US players as well, and with it being from the UK there shouldn’t be any language issues either. Also, darth cujo reports that the same “Extended Cut” listing has also appeared at the Canadian Best Buy Online Store.

Good news for G.I. Joe: Retaliation fans! I think we all thought the film might be better with some of the missing content back in place. Sounds like we just might be getting our wish.

It’s another British Invasion – The Full Force Podcast unloads!

The British are coming, the British are coming!  Wait… they’re already here!

That’s right, Joe fans, the What’s on Joe mind podcast has their first official spin off, and it’s gone International.  Coming straight from England, join Palitoy expert Dave Tree, audio expert Chris “Diagnostik80”, and long time collector and toy wizard Eddie “Eddie Palitoy” as they discuss our favorite Action Force characters and storylines.  I can guarantee you’ll learn something!

They’re funny, they know their stuff, and there’s plenty to enjoy, even for us American fans.  Check out the show notes at All the Cool Stuff, and you can listen to it via the What’s on Joe Mind Podbean Page.


In hand images of Data-Viper and Ultimate Duke on JoeDeClassified

Fresh off the release of press images today, in hand pictures of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation Data Viper comes to us from Gyre-Viper at!  Mixed in with the images are also some great pictures of Ultimate Duke as well.  Check out the great thread right here, and I’ve also mirrored some of the images below.

High Res Press Images of upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 3.5

We’ve seen press images of Wave 3.5 from Toy Fair and the G.I. Joe Convention, but as many have noticed, product has changed pretty significantly since those initial press images surfaced.  Hasbro’s excellent public relations department has posted their latest renditions of these press images, and here they are below!


AC Toys poster reveals in hand images of Cobra Combat Ninja

I know now that in hand pictures have surfaced of this figure, collector desire seems to have waned just a bit.  With some reduced paint applications and color adjustments this figure seems to have gone from red-hot to luke warm almost overnight.

If that means it’ll be easier to stock up on these after release, that’s cool with me, because I still plan on buying as many of these as I can get.  On Asian message board ACToys, poster 236604994 has gotten one of these figures in his grasp, and posted a nice allotment of in hand pictures, including front and back package shots, and the very cool ASP-themed rocket launcher.

I will agree with some of the fandom out there and say that I wish they had kept the darker, more detailed paint work of the pre-production version, but I don’t think this one is bad by any stretch.  The varied amount of accessories, multiple heads, and the digital camouflage all look pretty great.  Check out the images on ACToys, or in the gallery mirrored below.

Will we be getting a G.I. Joe: Retaliation “Extended Cut” after all?

One of the chief complaints coming after pre-orders were listed for the G.I. Joe: Retaliation DVD and Blu-Ray was that while deleted scenes were listed as part of the special features, there was no real indication of a “Director’s Cut”.

Well, an astute GeneralsJoes reader from Germany noticed an interesting entry on Amazon’s German site:

It’s listed with a running time of 123 minutes (where the theatrical release clocked in at 110).

Currently I cannot find evidence of this anywhere on the American site, but I’m crossing my fingers that something will show up soon.  Thanks very much to GeneralsJoes reader Kai for this interesting tidbit!

Rejoice, Joe fans, our long national nightmare is over – Eaglehawk is EN ROUTE!

It seems like forever since we’ve gotten new main line product, but the long, never-ending wait has officially ended.  As of last week, the G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Helicopter is IN STOCK at e-tailers around the web!  Site sponsor Kokomo Toys has already sold through, but they are currently in stock at Big Bad Toy Store, and certainly will be hitting other retailers shortly.

Check out the link below, and keep watching, you can bet a review for this beast will be going up immediately after I receive it!

Boss Fight Studios posts Cesspool digital turn arounds from FSS 2.0

If you’re like me you were kind of wondering why we hadn’t seen the digital turn arounds for Cesspool yet from the artistic wizards at Boss Fight Studios, well wonder no longer!  Over on their Facebook page, we’ve got a great look at the upcoming Eco Warriors Cobra CEO.   Looking scary good!  Can’t wait to see it in person.

Go Go Dynamo launches Kickstarter for awesomely customizable Modibot action figures

I’ve been singing the praises of these guys long before I even heard of “Go Go Dynamo” and I’m more than happy to continue doing so.  Wayne Losey worked alongside Tucker Johnson at Hasbro, helping develop the Sigma 6 action figure line (as well as doing some design elements for the later Direct To Consumer offerings, not to mention the fantastic and terribly unheralded Xevoz toyline from Hasbro).  Eventually they grew into their own firm, Go Go Dynamo.  They first went the Kickstarter route with the Hero Project, but since then, Wayne and Tucker have focused much of their energy on the “Modibot” customizable figure line through BotShop and Shapeways.

I purchased one of these Modibots several months ago, and frankly, I love it.  Anyone who enjoys Xevoz, Stikfas, or just customizing in general will find a lot to love with these things.  Insanely poseable and surprisingly well constructed, there is a wealth of opportunities with the Modibot platform.  With connection points pretty much everywhere on the figure, you can make almost anything your mind can dream of.  There are countless joints as well, offering the most flexibility of any figure I’ve seen, yet they still manage to maintain stiff joints to hold the pose.  Limbs and such are easily swapped out, yet once they hook together, they stay together remarkably well.  There are weapons offerings and many different themes.

So now the Modibot has evolved somewhat from just a Shapeways product to a full blown Kickstarter for production on a larger scale, instead of the build-to-order system they were doing.  This makes me very happy.  They have tons of customization options available, from different colors to different characters and different accessories.  Much less ambitious than the Hero Project, this is toy customizing and building at its most base level, where your imagination is the biggest roadblock to making a cool toy.

Yes, I am a humongous fan of the work these guys do, and for whatever reason I end up loving almost everything they touch, but I’ve had a Modibot in hand, and it is a lot of fun.  I think the opportunities are really endless for folks to mix and match and just make up their own great Modibot universe in their head.  Check out their Kickstarter Page, and I’ve also embedded the video below, and have a gallery of my own Modibot after that.  Retail stores are so filled with licensed stuff right now, I think us toy fans deserve a toy that exists simply for the sake of being a toy.  No media tie-in, no mass market hooplah, just a very fun, very buildable toy with a great design aesthetic.  Let’s support ’em on this!

Overseas auctions provide first in hand loose images of Wave 3.5

Well, this is a great thing to wake up to on a Tuesday morning.  Certainly we’ve all seen loose images from Toy Fair, JoeCon, and other official places, but overseas seller viperkingdom this morning provides the first real in hand images of what we believe are production level versions of the highly anticipated Wave 3.5 figures from Hasbro.

Slated to be released in July or August, Wave 3.5 breaks the mold for case assortments, giving us a whopping 12 brand spanking new G.I. Joe figures in one single case assortment.  Pulling from over 30 years of history, Hasbro gives us vintage themed figures and G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie figures all in one case, filling in many collection gaps and providing some beautiful looking army builders in movie styling.

These are great looking toys and a testament to just how much better and further developed G.I. Joe toys are in comparison to other toylines.  I defy anyone to look at these images, and then look at pegs at your local stores and tell me there are any 4″ action figures that even come close to the level of detail, articulation, and accessories you see here.  It’s not even a contest.  Heck, I can’t even pick a favorite!  The Cobra Combat Ninja is a must buy, but so is Ultimate Duke…  Data-Viper and Ultimate Roadblock both look amazing.  It’s unreal, I get like five figures deep before I even realize we’re finally getting Kwinn!

Anyway, check out the mirrored images below to see these new amazing figures and prepare yourselves for July/August as G.I. Joe makes its triumphant return to retail and e-tail shelves!

Wave 3.5 contains the following:

  • Crimson Guard
  • Budo
  • Ultimate Cobra Commander (Vintage)
  • Ultimate Storm Shadow (Vintage)
  • Kwinn
  • Data-Viper
  • Ultimate Snake Eyes (Vintage)
  • Ultimate Duke (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Ultimate Roadblock (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Ultimate Flint (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Ultimate Firefly (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
  • Cobra Combat Ninja

These figures are still available for pre-order from our fine sponsors at Big Bad Toy Store, SmallJoes, and Nerd Rage Toys.