Results for the Joe DeClassified “Unproduced” Custom Contest

As one of the judges for this contest, I was unbelievably impressed with every single entry.  I’m glad the winners can now be shared with everyone, and I wanted to congratulate everyone for their fantastic work.  Check out the amazing results for the JoeDeClassified “Ultimate Custom Contest” which challenged customizers to reproduce some unproduced items as closely as they possibly can.

The end results?  Amazing.

Check them out at

Preview for IDW Publishing G.I. Joe (Season 3) #4

Fred Van Lente’s G.I. Joe title continues full steam ahead, and issue #4 hits comic shops today.   Check out the preview below.

G.I. Joe #4

Fred Van Lente (w) • Steve Kurth (a) • Juan Doe, Kurth (c)

HOMEFRONT! DOC has only precious minutes to save a teammate’s life as the forces of COBRA close in—and her injuries prevent her from performing the operation herself. Is another G.I. JOE member ready for a crash course in battlefield surgery? Plus: Can ROADBLOCK & Co. convince the people of Warrenton to turn against COBRA? All this and the return of SCRAP IRON! WHO DOESN’T LOVE SCRAP IRON?!!?

 *2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Variant Covers:

             G.I. JOE “Comics History” cover by Ryan Dunlavey, co-creator of the Comic Book History of Comics!

Bullet points:

  • The smash hit of 2013 blasts its way to new heights!

GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club 2013 Incentive Iceberg

I know I’ve been falling behind a little bit on my reviews, but I’m working to get caught up here.  Stick with me.

Over on my G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review section, I’ve posted the review for the 2013 Membership Incentive figure Iceberg!  Check it out there, or at the direct link below:

Figure Subscription Service Cesspool head sculpt turn around from Boss Fight Studio

Yesterday we got an awesome look at the input turn around for Tollbooth’s head sculpt.  Today we’re treated to none other than Cesspool!  Once again, the guys at Boss Fight Studio have posted the artwork to their Facebook page, so be sure to “Like” it for the latest updates to the FSS 2.0 figures they’re working on, as well as other projects they might have in the wings.

Great looking stuff!

The folks at Boss Fight Studio debut turn around input for FSS 2.0 Tollbooth

As most of us hopefully know, there are many different stages in the toy production process, and many different kinds of artists are required to bring a concept into the 4″ plastic that you hold in your hand.  Independent toy design group Boss Fight Studios is in the unique (and awesome) position to have folks from different specialties working under their umbrella.  Not only do they have an incredible sculptor who produced some of the great looking head sculpts the Collectors Club has revealed so far, but they’ve got some great input and line artists as well.

The Boss Fight Studios Facebook page has posted one of these input turn arounds for the head sculpt from the upcoming FSS 2.0 Tollbooth!  This is a great inside look into the toy production process, as we see the reference that the sculptor gets, including some handwritten notes to go along with the great detailed artwork.

Boss Fight is made up of some ex-Hasbro designers who have worked on most of your favorite toy lines over the past several years, and I think they’re poised to do some amazing things in the toy world going forward.  Do yourselves a favor and “Like” their Facebook page (and follow them on Twitter while you’re at it).  I suspect they’ll be posting more of these great snippets for the FSS 2.0 and if they’ve got any other projects pending, they’ll be worth a look, too.

Memorial Day wishes from GeneralsJoes

As fans of a military themed property like G.I. Joe, I like to think we all have a certain appreciation for those who have given their life so we can enjoy our freedom and I think we all remember exactly why we’re getting an extra day off from work this week.

If you’re fortunate enough to be spending time today with your family at a barbecue, a parade, or just hanging around the house, please take a moment to remember the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price so we can enjoy those freedoms.


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IDW Publishing G.I. Joe Solicitations for August, 2013

IDW has released the solicitation information for titles upcoming in August, 2013, including the latest installments of G.I. Joe, G.I. Joe: Special Missions, Cobra Files, and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  We have Zartan, the Dreadnoks, and some very ominous tidings for the Larry Hama penned title, just look at the TV screen in the cover if you doubt that.

Also on deck is the release of Volume 3 of the Marvel Complete Collection and the first trade paperback for the new G.I. Joe series.

Click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below for full solicitation information.

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More information about G.I. Joe: Battleground Mobile Game courtesy of Kotaku

Just recently DeNA announced their joint collaboration with Hasbro to produce the upcoming mobile game G.I. Joe: Battleground.  I revealed yesterday that Robert Atkins would be providing artwork for this upcoming game, and now Kotaku had a chance to speak with David Phan, a producer of the upcoming game.

This interview reveals for sure that G.I. Joe: Battleground is a Trading Card based combat/strategy game, and even directs us to a game with a similar engine, Blood Brothers, also by DeNA.

According to Phan, the ultimate goal of DeNA is to get collectible cards representing every character (or toy) released in the original line, and heck, the article even name drops Hit & Run.  You won’t get a frown out of me on that one.  Check out the article on

Details emerge about Zartan’s return to the IDW G.I. Joe universe

When we last saw Zartan in the IDW G.I. Joe storyline, he was on board an airplane as it crashed in the Australian wilderness…there had been no real sign of a hood or eye black, and besides his uncanny ability to mimick the appearance of others (a great genetic experiment that was actually a highlight of IDW’s backstories in my opinion) he bore little real resemblance to the Zartan we knew and loved.

Well, that’s apparently all changing with the July release of G.I. Joe: Special Missions #5, which brings Zartan as well as the Dreadnoks back to the forefront, and Zartan looks might familiar this time around.

Newsarama spoke with both Chuck Dixon and Will Rosado about Special Missions #5, and the details are revealed right here.

From the sounds of things, the Dreadnoks in IDW’s world are pretty nasty little buggers.  Not so much the comic relief as they were in other G.I. Joe universes.  I’m kind of looking forward to see where they’re going with this.  Again, check out Newsarama for the latest info.