G.I. Joe: Battleground mobile game on the verge of worldwide release!

At least I assume so..  word from Mainframe over on JoeCustoms.com is that the mobile game has been released for Android systems.  However, he is located in the Philippines, and when I tried to download it, I got an error saying it was “not available in my country”.  So, it sounds like it has been released in some regions, but not everywhere yet.

Stay tuned mobile game fans, it looks like we’re on the verge of some G.I. Joe: Battleground action!  Until the game is live everywhere, enjoy some more screen grabs below:

Holy horse crap, I actually saw RAPTOR in one of those images!!!  I think I love this game already.

EDIT: Grabbed this list of features from the game, and it looks very cool…it mentions that characters from all era’s of G.I. Joe will be in here, including G.I. Joe: Renegades…so perhaps even, dare I hope… SIGMA 6?!?  Uh oh.


★ Take charge of G.I. JOE’s finest soldiers or rule the Cobra organization with an iron fist
★ Customize and upgrade your squads with combat skills and powerful vehicle attacks
★ Over 100 unique characters from the G.I. JOE universe (and growing!) to collect and train
★ Compete against the world in special events featuring massive boss fights and player vs player combat
★ Gorgeous character art from the talented artists behind G.I. JOE based comics and action figures
★ Featuring characters from Real American Hero to G.I. JOE: Renegades and every series in between

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Turn around posted for FSS 2.0 Big Bear’s head sculpt

The Boss Fight Studios guys continue to post up their design work, and I couldn’t be happier!  Today over on their Facebook page, they posted the line art turn arounds for the upcoming FSS 2.0 Big Bear figure.  I love seeing this progress!

Check it out over at the Boss Fight Studio Facebook page, and I’ve also mirrored it below.

New G.I. Joe themed podcast – The Regular Joes

Some exciting news to report as another G.I. Joe oriented podcast has shown up, where three long time G.I. Joe collectors talk geek topics as well as talk about their G.I. Joe background.  The unique thing about this particular podcast is that the three folks involved, Barry Kay, Tod Pleasant, and Dave Pisani are all long time G.I. Joe collectors who have mainly focused their attention on the 12″ side of things.  They are all regular contributors to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, and Tod Pleasant is the writer of the excellent Adventure Team comic that has been running through those pages.

He and Dave also work together on the “Regular Joes” comic in the newsletter, too.  So these guys are obviously very deeply invested in the G.I. Joe brand and have some really great perspective on that and on mainstream geek topics in general.

Check out their show on iTunes here, and also on Libsyn.

Their latest episode is Episode Three, and they talk about their background in collecting and even bring on actor Jon Billingsly from Star Trek and True Blood.  They’re starting off with a big splash.

Check out Episode Three right here.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this show goes!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 3.5 “Super Wave” pre-order round up

Okay… so these pre-orders have pretty much hit all over the ‘net at this point.  Check out the link round up below:

SmallJoes, Nerd Rage Toys, and Big Bad Toy Store also have some individual figures on pre-order as well.  This massive case of greatness includes the following figures:

1x Crimson Guard
1x Roadblock
1x Snake Eyes
1x Storm Shadow
1x Cobra Commander
1x Firefly
1x Flint
1x Combat Ninja
1x Duke
1x Budo Samurai Warrior
1x Data Viper
1x Kwinn

Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Commander contest and pre-order announcement!

We’ve seen the smallest of little snippets, but it looks like we’ll be getting our full blown preview and pre-order announcement for the upcoming Battle Helmet Cobra Commander on June 6th!  Until then, you can enter this contest on SideshowToy.com to win your  very own.  Check out the banner below and click here to check out the contest.