GeneralsJoes Reviews Figure Subscription Service Grunt and Cover Girl

Okay, I’m slowly getting caught up here, and I’m hoping to get the final 3 reviews posted next week,  But for now, here are the next two installments in the Figure Subscription Service.  Check out the reviews on my G.I. Joe Collectors Club page, or the direct links below:

7 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Figure Subscription Service Grunt and Cover Girl

  1. Keep the reviews coming Justin, but I actually like both of these a little more than you. Maybe would have given an extra star to each. Cover Girl needed to be made for the same reason Tollbooth and Keel Haul are in FSS 2. There are completionists (like me) who want one version of each old school character, even if they never loved that character before. Cover Girl does that job really well.

    I am usually not a fan of alternate uniforms for characters, but I never got the TRU exclusive green Grunt, so that lets me like tan Grunt a little more. I might agree with you if I already had another Grunt. I understand there are newer parts available, but who’s putting this guy next to their POC Skydive? These both look good with 25th figures where they were meant to fit in. Also keep in mind these figures were designed at least 2 years ago and the whole FSS just got delayed until now.

  2. Just wanted to make a correction. Covergirl actually uses RoC Scarlett parts, not Covergirl. I would probably like this figure a lot more if they HAD used RoC Covergirl parts. As is, it just doesn’t impress me much which is fine since I’m happy with the custom I made.

  3. I agree with your Grunt review. This figure is pretty pointless and unnecessary. Like you, I don’t think they need to reproduce every vintage figure either. I’m cool with every character being done, but we don’t need every version of every character brought into modern format. If they were dead set on making Grunt, I would have preferred they get creative and use either the 91 version or the Spytroops version of the character as inspiration.

  4. I believe they intended the Cover Girl figure to be a homage to her initial animated series look (from the first miniseries, “The Mass Device”).

  5. Yeah. My reaction to Tan Grunt was “**** you fan club!” I think we’d pretty much seen only straight repaints at that point.

    I wasn’t too thrilled with about half the FSS figures. Too many figures that required very little thought (“International” repaints of figures, figures that were lifted from cancelled Hasbro designs. The only cancelled design that was exciting was Iron Klaw, since it involved releasing new tooling). All in all I’d have rather seen the “international” figures released in one of those TRU 5-packs. It would’ve been less of a ripoff.

    The ones that I thought were the most interesting were the ones where they decided to do a figure that they had to piece together rather than slap a coat of paint on them.

    On top of all this, I kind of knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to get in on this because I figured the prices would be comparable to your typical club offering. I knew right off that it would have to be something special to get me to pay that much. Something like Nocturnal Fire would have been great tbh (If I weren’t weaning myself off of collecting action figures at this point I’d have totally grabbed that set).
    For what it’s work FSS 2.0 looks pretty sweet.

  6. Ick! My grammar’s attrocious tonight. My apologies to anyone who reads that . . .

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