GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club 2013 Incentive Iceberg

I know I’ve been falling behind a little bit on my reviews, but I’m working to get caught up here.  Stick with me.

Over on my G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review section, I’ve posted the review for the 2013 Membership Incentive figure Iceberg!  Check it out there, or at the direct link below:

6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club 2013 Incentive Iceberg

  1. Great review, Justin. I am in full agreement. There are elements that I like on this guy, but too many that I don’t, and they are pretty much exactly your sticking points. I agree on the star-rating as well, though I might give another half for all the gear. I kinda knew, before I signed up this year, that I’d be underwhelmed by Iceberg – He was never one of my faves to begin with. Oh well. Glad to have him, but I hope the Club does something better next year. I think the incentive figure should always be top-tier, and I’d hate to see them make a habit of spending more care on the FSS than the incentive fig. Time will tell.

  2. Yeah, they were so close on this. From the neck to the waist he’s great. I think the problems with the head are less noticeable than the legs. I am surprised you didn’t comment on the strap for the knife sheath that goes nowhere or the fringe on the pants. There’s one good reason to use those legs and about 10 reasons not to. Using the legs and jacket “skirt” from that same Artic Snake Eyes would have been better in my opinion.
    The best pic of him is the group shot with the other 86ers. Seeing him stand with my other 25th Joes over the last week, my initial reaction has mellowed and I have started to like him a little more. He still fits in well with the team and the problems aren’t as noticeable. The club just set the bar pretty high and hopefully they get back up there next year.

  3. Iceberg’s snowpants were in the wash, so he simply borrowed his sister’s fringed hippie leggings for comfort and stretch while snowboarding. After all, tight clothes are common with winter sports. And as any fashion conscious man knows, fur cuffed Ugg slouch boots have been totally in style the last few seasons with leggings… Do I get a No-Prize now?

  4. Didn’t the Club claim at the convention roundtable that they had intended for a newly sculpted head to be used, but they sent the factory a vintage head to use for reference and the people at the factory instead decided to use the vintage head?

    Of course, even if that is true, that doesn’t make up for the legs. This is definitely a situation where staying close to the vintage version didn’t work out very well.

  5. Didn’t the Club state at their panel at JoeCon this year that the Iceberg head was a factory error? I thought I read and saw a slide that showed they sent the images for the new head sculpt along with the ARAH one for color placement and the factory resculpted the ARAH one by mistake.

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