The folks at Boss Fight Studio debut turn around input for FSS 2.0 Tollbooth

As most of us hopefully know, there are many different stages in the toy production process, and many different kinds of artists are required to bring a concept into the 4″ plastic that you hold in your hand.  Independent toy design group Boss Fight Studios is in the unique (and awesome) position to have folks from different specialties working under their umbrella.  Not only do they have an incredible sculptor who produced some of the great looking head sculpts the Collectors Club has revealed so far, but they’ve got some great input and line artists as well.

The Boss Fight Studios Facebook page has posted one of these input turn arounds for the head sculpt from the upcoming FSS 2.0 Tollbooth!  This is a great inside look into the toy production process, as we see the reference that the sculptor gets, including some handwritten notes to go along with the great detailed artwork.

Boss Fight is made up of some ex-Hasbro designers who have worked on most of your favorite toy lines over the past several years, and I think they’re poised to do some amazing things in the toy world going forward.  Do yourselves a favor and “Like” their Facebook page (and follow them on Twitter while you’re at it).  I suspect they’ll be posting more of these great snippets for the FSS 2.0 and if they’ve got any other projects pending, they’ll be worth a look, too.

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