More information about G.I. Joe: Battleground Mobile Game courtesy of Kotaku

Just recently DeNA announced their joint collaboration with Hasbro to produce the upcoming mobile game G.I. Joe: Battleground.  I revealed yesterday that Robert Atkins would be providing artwork for this upcoming game, and now Kotaku had a chance to speak with David Phan, a producer of the upcoming game.

This interview reveals for sure that G.I. Joe: Battleground is a Trading Card based combat/strategy game, and even directs us to a game with a similar engine, Blood Brothers, also by DeNA.

According to Phan, the ultimate goal of DeNA is to get collectible cards representing every character (or toy) released in the original line, and heck, the article even name drops Hit & Run.  You won’t get a frown out of me on that one.  Check out the article on

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