Get your mind bent on Episode #79 of What’s on Joe Mind

Just to show what kind of whirlwind the past month has been, I somehow neglected to post that Episode 79 of What’s on Joe Mind was released!  Featuring the impressive vocal talents of the immortal Brian Cummings, we talk about his role as Dr. Mindbender in the Sunbow series, and have a lengthy discussion about codpieces.

Yes, really.

But that’s not all!  We also bring our good Marvel buddy Arune Singh on to talk about Iron Man 3, C2E2 and get prepared for the upcoming ComicCon.  Check out this latest episode on our Podbean page, or the embedded players below.  As always, Show Notes are after the jump.



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The Doctor is IN!! No, not GI Joe Doc, or Dr. Sheldon Cooper, or even Dr. Johnny Fever…although almost as equally as crazy as the old WKRP rock and roller. This episode we are joined by Mr. Brian Cummings, or better known to Joe fans as the Sunbow voice of Dr. Mindbender. Join us as we talk to Brian about his career, what’s he’s doing now and we get to hear more about the upcoming Joe show in South Dakota, Mindbender’s Clinic in Rapid City on May 18th. Sounds like a fun time and you folks in the upper plains states should check-it-out. In the second half of the show, we are joined by our old buddy (and Chuck’s crush) Arune Singh from Marvel Comics where we spend the next 45 minutes talking about Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, C2E2 and the upcoming San Diego Comic Con (or Comic Con International as Arune says). Following our catch up with all things Marvel, we jump into a very abbreviated news segment concerning the box office returns of Retaliation, a look behind the scenes at Hasbro and Wave 5 of FSS 1…where Grunt, left us grunting…and Cover Girl left Gary grumbling. Speaking of Gary, hear his report from C2E2 and why he is now on triple protection, super lockdown. The things we do for our wives…

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