Get your mind bent on Episode #79 of What’s on Joe Mind

Just to show what kind of whirlwind the past month has been, I somehow neglected to post that Episode 79 of What’s on Joe Mind was released!  Featuring the impressive vocal talents of the immortal Brian Cummings, we talk about his role as Dr. Mindbender in the Sunbow series, and have a lengthy discussion about codpieces.

Yes, really.

But that’s not all!  We also bring our good Marvel buddy Arune Singh on to talk about Iron Man 3, C2E2 and get prepared for the upcoming ComicCon.  Check out this latest episode on our Podbean page, or the embedded players below.  As always, Show Notes are after the jump.



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Additional card art revealed for FSS 2.0 Wide Scope and Tiger Force Shipwreck

I got so excited about Cesspool yesterday that I totally missed two other reveals that took place as well!  Over on they have posted more card art (as well as a “Did You Know” entry) for both Tiger Force Shipwreck and Wide Scope.

The more I see of Wide Scope the more I dig him…  I’m psyched they’re giving this obscure SWAT Trooper some FSS love!  Check out the images at the links above, or mirrored below.