GeneralsJoes reviews Figure Subscription Service Sure Fire and Iron Klaw

Considering I just received the final installment of the Figure Subscription Service this past weekend, I guess it’s about time I get caught up on some of these past reviews.  Next two in line are Sure Fire and SKAR leader Iron Klaw, so hit up my G.I. Joe Collectors Club section or click the links below directly.

  1. Sure Fire (2013)
  2. Iron Klaw (2013)

7 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews Figure Subscription Service Sure Fire and Iron Klaw

  1. Dang, Sure Fire looks cool without the vest. If they hadn’t screwed up the sleeve I’d buy one to use as an Adventure Team dude.

    Also: when did you get some of those awesome connectable backdrops? I want a hundred of those damn things.

  2. Looks like this shipment got hit by the bad QC fairy. Missing paint on Surefire’s neck and sleeve. The mismatched colors between the sleeves and torso. Iron Klaw’s two right or two left forearms. I imagine IK would look better, if the head and beret were sculpted as one piece.

  3. Awesome reviews! I enjoy everyone you do. Who’s cape did you use for iron klaw?

  4. Thank you! I used the Joe Vs. Cobra Dr. Mindbender cape. It worked surprisingly well.

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