Watch those mailboxes and avoid the Internet… the last FSS shipment has arrived!

Well, in some places anyway.  Certainly not at my house yet.  :)

Reports from all over the online Joe fandom are reporting that the final shipment of the Figure Subscription Service has arrived, including the mysterious figure number “thirteen”!

I will not spoil that figure’s identity here, even though I now know what it is.  My FSS reviews will be kicking back off next week and should be continuing at a pretty frantic pace, considering I’m about six figures behind!

I figure by the time I reach the 13th figure, the spoiler time should have expired.  Anyway, for folks who are dying to know, there’s a very active thread over on, but if you want to avoid being spoiled, perhaps you’d better log off and put down that smart phone until late next week if you live in the US.

So, now that things are pretty much wrapped up, it will be interesting to see what overall reaction is to the FSS experiment with all 13 figures under our belt.  You can bet I’ll be discussing it at some point down the line.  Big kudos to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club for successfully executing the first run of the FSS and actually managing to keep figure #13 a (relative) secret until shipping.  A big feat in today’s culture.

Bring on FSS 2.0!!