More details about G.I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-Ray – July 30th release date confirmed

Even though Paramount only officially announced the DVD/Blu-Ray release yesterday, already more information has become available from folks at

Flint Fairborne doesn’t state where the information comes from, but he has posted an image of a Blu-Ray “One Sheet” detailing the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation on Blu-Ray.  Release date appears to be set for July 30th:

Also of note from the one sheet is that there will be over an hour of extra content on the Blu-Ray, including an Eight Part behind the scenes look at the production and “Deleted Scenes”!  This is sort of a mixed blessing, in my mind.  While deleted scenes are nice so we can see some of the stuff that was cut from the film, I’d much rather see a full directors’ cut, so that missing footage could also be included within the context of the film itself.  Perhaps one is planned for later down the road, based on reaction to the initial release.  It should be noted that this looks to be a specific pre-order solicitation from an unknown source, which also includes customized dog tags if you pre-order by June 18th.

Something tells me DVD/Blu-Ray sales for Retaliation are going to be very strong.

Also, details were revealed about a G.I. Joe: Retaliation Steelbook release available on Amazon’s German website.  These Steelbook’s are not typically released as is in the United States, but according to HissTank poster Ford, Paramount Steelbook releases are region free.  The cover is based on the awesome Regal Cinema’s exclusive promotional poster first revealed here on GeneralsJoes.

Check out those images below, and the pre-order link is here.

3 thoughts on “More details about G.I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-Ray – July 30th release date confirmed

  1. The problem with extended cuts is that most directors suck at doing them. There’s a reason they pared down the film, and if it messes with the flow, then it’s gotta go.

  2. I’d say they are “extended Cuts” or what they are really “producers cuts” that are the ones that have pointless scenes and weird flows. I think reltaliation will see a longer cut but i think they’ll hold off till holiday time or before the release of 3, why sell fans 1 dvd when you can sell them 2

  3. Amazon UK has a release date of July 22, so it may come out sooner in the US too, much like the cinema release!

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