Sideshow Collectibles unleashes another Battle Helmet Cobra Commander preview

Ohh buddy.  Now personally, I loved the first Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Commander.  The hood and the trenchcoat kind of set the stage for what they were going for with some slightly modernized interpretations of the classic G.I. Joe mythology.  But a lot of folks out there lamented the fact that we were without a proper Battle Helmet Cobra Commander.

Looks like Sideshow is definitely out to correct that oversight.  We’ve seen little hints and clues that this figure was on the horizon, but today via the official Sideshow Twitter account it was confirmed that there is a new 12″ Battle Helmet Cobra Commander on the horizon, and we got a nifty little image as well.  Keep following Sideshow on Twitter and Sideshow on Instagram for the latest G.I. Joe and Sideshow Collectibles intel, and see this new preview below.

Thanks to almostahermit and chadlawless on Twitter for the intel!