Robert Atkins working on some signature plate art for IDW Limited

IDW Limited has come out of the gates screaming with G.I. Joe content over the past month or so, already releasing the Marvel Complete Collection (volume 1) and the Danger Girl and G.I. Joe collection as well.  Soon to come is the IDW collection itself, and  Robert Atkins is doing some great signature plate work for the project!

Over on the Robert Atkins Art blog, he’s been detailing the work and previewing some of the Snake Eyes art he is providing for the project, and you should definitely keep tabs over there.  Some really gorgeous original stuff slated to come with the IDW Limited volumes, and Robert is far from done.

He mentioned on a recent Twitter post that he was moving onto Destro next.  Can’t wait to see more!  Keep on hitting up Robert Atkins blog for further details and keep watching IDW Limited for those pre-orders.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation unseen concept art reveals crazy new uniforms and vehicles

Over on Comic Book Movie nailbiter111 has been digging up some great concept art, and this latest round from G.I. Joe: Retaliation is no exception.  We’ve got everything from some alternate uniforms to an amazingly bad ass looking amphibious motorcycle.

A lot of the stuff here is just a little bit too science-fiction for the more “real world” vibe that Retaliation was trying to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t largely bad ass.  Some really cool looking stuff here.  I’ve mirrored some of the art below, but hit up to see the rest.  I gotta admit, I get a little swoony when I see those darker blue Cobra uniforms.  That would have been pretty awesome. The art is from various sources, including Josh Nizzi, Anthony Francisco, Keith Christensen, Cenay Oekmen, and Patrick Faulwetter.  Thanks to nailbiter111 for uncovering this stuff.