G.I. Joe Collectors Club posts last two FSS 2.0 figures – Keel Haul and Big Bear

Real life got in the way tonight, so I couldn’t be right on top of this reveal unfortunately, but nevertheless, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club waits for no man, and the reveals for the Oktober Guard Missile specialist Big Bear and USS Flagg Commander Admiral Keel Haul.

Big Bear looks to be a repainted canceled Pursuit of Cobra Arctic Duke, including the great jacket that has never been released to date.  He’s also got a great looking new head sculpt.  Speaking of new head sculpts, Keel Haul sports a great Admiral hat, and many parts shared from the Rise of Cobra General Hawk (who came with The Pit).

Check out the full blown gallery of FSS 2.0 greatness at GIJoeClub.com or the mirrored gallery below.

Along with the figure reveals, the Collectors Club also released their first “Did you know” segment with Night Force Falcon.  This gives a brief run down of the character’s significance, and also shows the first look at the card art! Check that out right here.

New G.I. Joe items “Hot off the Truck” and pre-orders at Entertainment Earth

Hot on the heels of other online stores, Entertainment Earth has posted their own pre-order for the upcoming G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Assault Copter!  Along with that pre-order, EE has also posted some recently released G.I. Joe product.  Check out the links below.

Included in those links above are the awesome new mini figures from The Loyal Subjects as well.   Hit it up!