G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals FSS 2.0 Bombardier and Cesspool!!

The Collectors Club always finds a way to brighten a dreary afternoon!

I was pretty certain the Club would leave Cesspool for last, but they shocked the G.I. Joe world today by launching Cesspool’s highly sought after reveal today!  With a spectacularly nasty looking new head sculpt, and a great mixture of mostly 30th Anniversary parts, this is a terrific update to the old school Eco Warriors CEO.

Along with Cesspool we also get our first good look at Bombardier, the really nice looking UK repaint of Flash uncovered by Ron Connor and Dave Tree.  Check out both of these reveals at GIJoeClub.com and also mirrored below.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see Big Bear and Keel Haul!

14 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals FSS 2.0 Bombardier and Cesspool!!

  1. Bombardier isn’t bad at all but not something I feel I need. Cesspool though…He’s just badass. Great choice of parts with the mixture of Sci-Fi and Airtight with Techno-Viper armor. He needs his Chainsaw gun though! Looks like he uses Sci-Fi’s alternate helmet too which is a decent substitute for his older helmet.

  2. I hate the Techno Viper vest; it’s one of those vests that never stays (or looks) properly closed. Fun head sculpt on Cesspool, though.

    While there were enough cool figures in the first sub to make me torn and indeed to nearly persuade me to sign up, so far I wouldn’t buy any of the new sub figures at retail. Not a criticism, mind you; these just don’t suit my taste the way, say, Nano Bat did.

    I’m happy for those who get to fill gaps in their collections, though.

  3. bombardier, i am happy for those that want him and will be getting him but an easy pass for me, i love the story behind the figure but i feel the flash sculpt is way over used now, i’d have preferred to see a more POC imagining of the action force characters, Maybe a renegades duke bomb flat jacket ? but thats a personal choice and more then understand why the club did what they did and i’m sure it will make a lot of folks happy

    Cesspool, this is what i love, clever part re use, i can get tired of a whole body used multiple time but clever part swappng impresses me almost as much as new sculpts, but also like toolboth we get the photo shopped head again ! This is a IMOA kinda thing but it just takes away from these reveals knowing that could change

  4. Cesspool looks about as good as we could hope for from a Frankenstein-figure. Hopefully the head scult turns out well. I like him, but I will probably not keep any of the bad guys.

    I was not a fan of the Tiger Force figures because they are old characters, but Bombardier is the kind of international figure we need. He is different enough (paint, accessories, military specialty) that he is a great new character (like Quarrel from the first sub). The only nitpicks are: the 25th Flash torso looks bad with the split in the chest pad (not the club’s fault though) and the two tone pants look weird. If they want to keep the original color scheme they could have found lower legs that looked like tall boots or shin guards instead of just multi-colored pants.

    Anyway, two more good reveals down, two to go. Is anyone else noticing all the fun accessories with this sub? K9, giant robot scorpion, missile firing mini-tank, water squirting backpack, and Big Bear looks to have a spring loaded weapon as well!

  5. I agree with your thoughts on Bombadier, will be a nice fig to go along with Quarrel. It doesn’t blow me away as a figure, but it’s cool enough that I can find a spot for it in my collection. I’m not crazy about Cesspool, so this makes for an easy ebay sell for me. I’ll probably keep the Desert Scorpion, but I’m with you, the other Cobras will probably go too.

    I do disagree on Tiger Force however, but just because I missed some of the original figures as a kid and these were my only way of having a Duke or Roadblock, etc. I’m a big fan of the designs, and have Tiger Force/Python Patrol battles all the time. I also REALLY like the UK Tiger Force figures, I wish the Club would include some updates of them. I think the orange and blue colors are pretty slick.
    Great accessories on this run, glad I’m getting two!

  6. The Tiger Force figures are fine I guess, I just don’t care to collect duplicate characters for subteams. Even if you call them by their foreign names I still see Shipwreck and Airtight wearing Tiger Force Jungle clothes (and why would there be a jungle sailor anyway?). If you want to collect the whole subteam, then they are great for you. This is just me personally, but I would rather see them do more guys like Tollbooth/Keel Haul, that don’t have a proper modern version yet. Frostbite, Ambush, Recoil, Fast Draw, Repeater and Law&Order in their original colors, etc.

  7. Cesspool’s pretty good, but I always thought that huge Cobra symbol he had was the coolest thing he had going.

  8. The whole figure is photoshopped. ALL the figures are photoshopped. They don’t have physical samples of these yet and wont until these have started production. Would you rather order them sight unseen?

  9. That’s pretty much where I stand on those. I wouldn’t care so much if they weren’t just straight-up rehashes of figures we’ve already gotten, especially Airtight who is the same figure just with green swapped for brown and some stripes. At least Shipwreck has different arms. I toyed with the notion of doing a custom TF Shipwreck myself using the DG figure as a base. Had the club gone that route, I think that figure would be more interesting. Airtight just doesn’t need to exist or at least needs some variation besides color to make him a little more different from his previous release. As you said, figures we haven’t seen yet would have been even better.

  10. Im not so fussed if the do little fix up with photo shop, but whole heads is another thing, it doesn’t work for me (and thats all i am speaking for, if you enjoy it then i am happy for you)

    as for would i rather order sight unseen, once again speaking personally … yes i would, and i can back that up, i am a motu subscriber, with that sub you don’t know what your getting with your sub let alone what the figure looks like. i love those reveals “were getting X and he looks like..” all at once. Now that ain’t for everyone , but if we are talking personally i am ok with that

  11. Well, that’s just it. The GIJoe fandom is not the MotU fandom. As for buying the MotU figures sight unseen, how different are the new figures compared to the vintage figures as far as looks go? I don’t see much difference. However, the look of a new GIJoe figure compared to a vintage version can be pretty drastically different. Look at Tollbooth for example. Sure he gives the feeling of the vintage figure and makes a great Tollbooth figure, but there are a lot of differences. Some of which some fans may be very upset with if they hadn’t known they existed. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in this fandom, it’s that most Joe fans do NOT like paying for things sight unseen. The club knows this which is why they do these reveals. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the subscription service, it’s impossible for them to show a finished figure as a preview. They have no choice but to show photoshopped mock-ups.

  12. Actually its more a me thing the MOTU thing :D, I’d say a lot of don’t like knowing it before they subscribe, but personally i think the sub would drop of if people did see the actual line up (keep in mind a big difference is this is the only place you can get MOTU figures no retail) but because enough folks sub we get 100% new sculpts, were as if a certain amount dont we would still get a sub just kit bashs ( and like joe some are spot on vintage in desgin and other not very much, varies figure to figure,)

    There are pro’s and con’s to doing it both ways. both ways are going to have its protractors and its subtractors. I understand the club doing it this way… stylistically i wish they would, its nothing more than a cosmetic choice on my end. nothing agaisnt the club or sub as a whole, i think the sub is a great idea. If photo shopped ads is more only real problem with the line so far that it looks to be a great sub year!

  13. I can see the club going for a more long term goal here of not wanting to do all the heavy hitters straight, saving some for a later sub years, i also imagine there going some straight up repaints and less swap tooling to budget for more complex figures in the year

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