G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals two more FSS 2.0 figures!

And they pretty much ROCK.  Cobra’s first ever desert combat specialist the Desert Scorpion was a long time favorite of mine, and the Collectors’ Club did him justice.  Using the Snake Eyes-like head sculpt from the Steel Brigade Delta figure and the head wrap from the Night Creeper, as well as 25th Anniversary Zartan’s body and an amalgamation of legs (I really dig those HISS Driver lower legs).  I can’t quite place the arms at that angle, but the rest of the figure looks very classic themed.  I approve.  Interestingly, the figure is very close in design to the canceled Cobra Minotaur driver, with just some very minor part changes (specifically the head sculpt).  It will be interesting to see if this version has the Crimson Twins arms like that older version was meant to.

Meanwhile, Widescope… hoooly cow.  Back in the early 2000’s, Widescope was merely conceived as a Shockwave place holder, since Hasbro didn’t have the appropriate trademarks for him.  With this figure, the Club really takes Widescope to a new level, and maybe it’s just me, but this figure makes the 25th Anniversary Shockwave look pathetic.  Yes, it’s essentially a repainted Shock Trooper with a Shockwave head and hat, but the blue paint scheme is fantastic.  I really  dig that camouflage on the legs, too.  It looks very similar to the “Urban Rain” color scheme from the 2005 Steel Brigade Convention figures.  Very unique look.

I fully admit to being a fan of the first generation Figure Subscription Service, and man, version 2.0 is out pacing it at almost every step.  If this is any indication, we’re in for some great product from the Club over the next series of years.  I love the fact that a relative unknown like Widescope is getting really great treatment and a chance to live on in a modern format.  Really good stuff.  Keep checking GIJoeClub.com for the latest information, and I’ve mirrored the most recent two images below.