G.I. Joe Collectors Club debuts FSS 2.0 Tiger Force Shipwreck and Tollbooth!

They told us more previews would be coming, and here they are!  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club just launched previews for two more of their upcoming Figure Subscription Service 2.0 figures, Tollbooth and Tiger Force Shipwreck.

Tollbooth has a brand new head sculpt, and a ton of great accessories as well as the 25th Anniversary Dusty torso, Flint arms, and a mixture of Shipwreck legs (and Dusty lower legs, maybe?).  Rounding off the look is Night Fox webgear, to give us a great addition to our 1985 G.I. Joe roster.

Tiger Force Shipwreck looks like pretty much all 5-pack Shipwreck, with Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Trooper arms.  Check out these previews on the GIJoeClub website and also mirrored below.