G.I. Joe Collectors Club debuts FSS 2.0 Tiger Force Shipwreck and Tollbooth!

They told us more previews would be coming, and here they are!  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club just launched previews for two more of their upcoming Figure Subscription Service 2.0 figures, Tollbooth and Tiger Force Shipwreck.

Tollbooth has a brand new head sculpt, and a ton of great accessories as well as the 25th Anniversary Dusty torso, Flint arms, and a mixture of Shipwreck legs (and Dusty lower legs, maybe?).  Rounding off the look is Night Fox webgear, to give us a great addition to our 1985 G.I. Joe roster.

Tiger Force Shipwreck looks like pretty much all 5-pack Shipwreck, with Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Trooper arms.  Check out these previews on the GIJoeClub website and also mirrored below.

24 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club debuts FSS 2.0 Tiger Force Shipwreck and Tollbooth!

  1. Both huge winners. I can’t believe they actually went with the long sleeves on Shipwreck. That is so awesome.

  2. Love that Tollbooth. I hope the hardhat is removable, so I can put it on him crooked.

    Shipwreck is exactly what I was expecting, and I could not care less. They did a great job replicating the original figure, but he is just a waste of space to me. I wish the FSS would just include figures that can stand on their own instead of needing to be part of a sub team. The FSS would be a perfect way to cater to members who can afford to buy some exclusive figures but can’t go to all the conventions, as well as the convention goers, but then they stick several characters in there that are obviously meant to complement a specific convention set (I’m assuming there will be a Tiger Force con set someday). I’m not trying to bash the club, I am glad we are getting this instead of nothing. I’m just wondering if anyone else feels the same way?

  3. SO glad they’ve got the international Tiger Force guys in this batch! Such a great line up this time. I’m usually all about the Cobras, but man the Joe choices are just too perfect!

  4. I’ve never been a Tollbooth fan but that figure looks incredible. I’m glad I signed up for this subscription.

  5. Tollbooth looks to be the sleeper of this set, as Topside (in my opinion) is the unsung hero of the first set.

  6. Wow! Tollbooth looks amazing. Major win.

    I await……Desert Scorpion.

  7. I don’t like Tiger Force in general and I’ve never been a Shipwreck fan. But for reasons I can’t explain this Marujo figure is near the top of my want list for FSS 2.0

  8. totally agreed on Topside. never was excited about his inclusion in the FSS… but after I got it, it entranced me. yup it’s the favorite figure for me.

  9. Tollbooth has the Army Corps of Engineers patch on his right sleeve. What an awesome detail.

  10. A few people have already commented on TB and I agree. The character is mostly lost in the mythos but this figure really looks cool.

  11. at first glance, Tollboth looks great, but when you look at some of the parts, it starts to go downhill. Those are the infamous popeye arms used on shipwreck outback, flint and others in the 25th, probably next to Duke arms, they are the most hated set of arms from that era, it really hurts the figure, as right out of the package it would need an arm replacement. Those lower legs also appear to be the way to short ROC duke (dessert) legs, minus the cartoony need pads, if so this guy will be shorter because of it. Hopefully those parts can change, because if he comes like this only his head and helm don’t make him worth it.

  12. The 25th Flint/Outback arms would not have been my first choice either, but as long as he can hold his sledgehammer I don’t mind (the other stuff is cool, but that hammer is the only accessory he really needs). They should have just used the Footloose arms for Tollbooth and Falcon too. Those are awesome and it’s okay for serveral people to have the same arms. It’s not like reusing head sculpts.

  13. Just for future reference: the “Night Fox webgear” originated from the ROC Aero-Viper.

  14. I never saw any problem with those legs and even if there were a height difference, so what? Not everyone in the world is the same height.

  15. Only thing I dislike ( and it ain’t a huge deal) is using artwork for tool both s head scuplt rather then waiting for a more final scuplt to be done before he is revealed . Looks good now but that face could change drastically from here to production

  16. It may be a sculpt we’re looking at, just photoshopped to resemble what it should look like painted. Clearly they don’t have anything of a finished nature to show us. In fact, I would say that all these images are photoshopped. I would also go as far to say that ANYTHING they show us as far as exclusives go is a photoshopped image and not the actual figure.

  17. while that’s true, it’s also a matter of proportion, his other parts should be similar in reduced size, not just one body part smaller.

  18. Keep in mind that this is a mock-up. The final product may look much better (or worse). I’m not sure where the thighs come from but if someone can figure that out, maybe a physical mock-up of these parts can be put together by someone to give us a better idea of what the finished figure might look like as far as proportions go.

  19. Very true I didn’t think of photoshopping color over a sculpt.. Like i said not a big deal but i prefer “as close as possible reveals” than ” see it now” but thats a personal choice.

  20. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the subscription service, the only way for them to show us these figures before they’re ordered is to show us mock-ups like this.

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