What’s on Joe Mind 2013 GIJoe Convention Panel is online!

We talked about it quite a bit leading up to the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention in Indianapolis, and now the episode is online for all of our listeners to enjoy!  The What’s on Joe Mind crew held a panel at JoeCon where we interviewed Brian Savage from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, took input from the audience, and generally had a great time.

Check out this Special Edition episode on our Podbean page, or the embedded links below.  Show Notes are at the bottom.



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During this year’s JoeCon, WOJM was allowed the very unique opportunity to host a panel for the attendees.  Thus, “WOJM Live!” was born.  Join Mike, Justin and Gary as they interview the GIJCC’s own “Headman,” Mr. Brian Savage himself.  Yes, for the first time ever, the club submits to an interview…what will they say?  Following the interview, we send Mike out into the crowd to talk about your one-word issues.  What will the randomness result in when our own “Roving Mike” put a microphone in front of a stranger’s mouth?  So in case you’ve missed it (like Chuck), here is WOJM on-stage debut at the 2013 JoeCon in Indy!  Enjoy!

In hand images of the upcoming G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Helicopter!

Well, this is a really good sign, eh?  Preproduction collector Gyre Viper has gotten a hold of an upcoming Eaglehawk Helicopter, and he’s posted a bunch of great pictures on JoeDeClassified.  Some fantastic images of both the Eaglehawk vehicle itself and Lift Ticket as well.

I’ve mirrored just a few images below, there are a bunch more at JoeDeClassified itself.  I guess this means the Eaglehawk is coming closer!

G.I. Joe Collectors Club debuts FSS 2.0 Tiger Force Shipwreck and Tollbooth!

They told us more previews would be coming, and here they are!  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club just launched previews for two more of their upcoming Figure Subscription Service 2.0 figures, Tollbooth and Tiger Force Shipwreck.

Tollbooth has a brand new head sculpt, and a ton of great accessories as well as the 25th Anniversary Dusty torso, Flint arms, and a mixture of Shipwreck legs (and Dusty lower legs, maybe?).  Rounding off the look is Night Fox webgear, to give us a great addition to our 1985 G.I. Joe roster.

Tiger Force Shipwreck looks like pretty much all 5-pack Shipwreck, with Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Trooper arms.  Check out these previews on the GIJoeClub website and also mirrored below.